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Car Ride Stories for GIGI Kids

Are your children sitting at the back of the car, moaning and groaning because they’re bored?
They want to be entertained, but, you don’t want them to be on your iPhone or iPad playing idle games.
You want their brain to be nourished and for them to grow spiritually each day, but at the same time entertained!

Am I right? Great!

We have an awesome podcast called ‘Car Ride Stories for GIGI Kids’ that has original stories and bible stories shared and written for our podcast and blog.
These stories also have some very cool special effects that will keep them hooked while they imagine each scene.
They can listen to them on their way to and from school, before bed time or anywhere.

We know that your children will fall in love with these audio stories. We believe that it’s important for God to be presented in a great way that will make them love him even more.

We’d also LOVE to hear from your children.

They can send us emails at [email protected] and we will read them on the podcast.
Or, send us a letter at PO BOX 6505 UPPER MT GRAVATT QLD AUSTRALIA 4122

Much love from us xxx

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