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Johnny’s Treehouse

Johnny Finley is the youngest in the family – his sisters are 10 years old don’t always play with him.

One day, they move from the city to a big country house where there is plenty of room to play. Johnny discovers an old broken treehouse, and his heart is set on having it for himself.  His 5th birthday is coming up and he hopes that his dad will get it ready for then. But will he have time?

Length: 1 hour

Lily-Belle’s Bathtime Dilemma

It’s winter and Lily-Belle has been asked by her mum to go and take a bath. They are a family of eight, so being the youngest gives her the advantage of having a bath before the hot water gets cold.  But Lily-Belle is a little distracted with the snow falling outside and too busy imagining adventures in dark caves with her cat Kitty.

When she finally makes it to the bath – there is no hot water left! Lily-Belle can’t sleep – she’s itchy and uncomfortable and cranky.  Then she hears voices and little excited giggled coming from her siblings. What could be happening? She peeks out of her room and can’t believe what she is seeing! She really does have amazing brothers and sisters.

Length: 19.49 minutes

Nick And The Moonlight Animals

Nicholas Cooper lives in the big city. One day he goes to visit his uncle Robert who lives in the country.  Uncle Rob promises to go camping with him which is very exciting as Nick has never camped before. But while camping he hears a lot of different night sounds that he isn’t used to.

Uncle Rob explains to him about the moonlight animals that God created. Even though Nick fears the sound, he wants to learn to trust Jesus.

Length: 14.43 minutes

Patches Finds a Home

Logan is hiking with his dad one cold afternoon. On his way down the mountain, he hears a strange sound. On further investigation, he sees a puppy tangled in the shrubs below. Logan doesn’t think twice and hurries down to rescue the little dog.

After a visit to the vet, Logan takes the dog home to recover; in the meantime, he has to make posters to find the owner. One day the owner calls claiming his dog back. Logan is heartbroken especially after the puppy is taken away. Does God care about his heart?

Length: 25 minutes

Stompy’s Lost Slippers

Stompy the little elephant almost trips and falls with her old slippery slippers. Grandmother elephant comes to visits and together they go hunting for the perfect pair. Finally, after much search, Stompy finds the ones she loves.

Pink slippers with fluffy pom poms on top and a little jingly bell that goes ling, ling, ling each time she walks. Stompy wears them all the time and leaves them everywhere.

One day as she gets ready for bed, she can’t find her slippers. Upset and nervous Stompy looks for them everywhere. Oh no, what would grandmother say if she finds out she lost them? Will she ever find them?

Length: 11:02

The Night Storm

Twins Alex and Audrey Lewis are in the middle of a storm helping their mum and dad bring in their barn animals from the heavy rain and strong wind.  The ducks are playing in the puddles, the hens are running wild and too slippery to catch, the goat has fled somewhere in the field. The twins work hard to bring them all to safety.

Then Audrey hears a little noise – it sounds like a hurt animal. But it’s not one of theirs. What animal could be injured?  The kids head behind the barn to investigate – Audrey’s heart melts when she sees the baby animal in need.

Length: 12.20 minutes

Willow and the Runaway Horse

Willow Edwards is staying at her Uncle Jake’s house while her parents serve in the Navy and are deployed for a few months.  Even though Willow misses them, she finds ways to keep busy. One of her favourite things to do is explore the surroundings of her uncle’s big property.

One day at the beginning of her school holidays she hears a strange sound echoing in the distance. Intrigued and a little concerned she follows the noise and discovers a beautiful horse whose hoof is trapped. Willow’s kind heart knows she needs to help him.  A little afraid she inches her way towards it and hopes that it will let her help him.

Length: 43:53 minutes

Plus Bonus

Mei and Ginger: The Turtle Dilemma

This is the first book in a series that will cover the fruits of the spirit in a simple way for kids to understand.

The fruit of the spirit covered in this story is: Self-control.

Meiling Jade Carter is excited as she embarks on a family holiday to Turtle Cove, with her parents and Ginger her fluffy fat cat. She loves animals and wants to keep every single one she sees.

At the island she makes friends with the ranger’s son Lucas – who has a super adorable Cockatiel and knows so much about animals and Turtle Cove. Mei also goes on a night tour to watch turtle hatchlings make their way to the ocean.

Mei is mesmerised and wants to keep one, but she knows she can’t. These baby turtles need the water to live.

One night during a severe storm, Mei finds a little hatchling that didn’t quite make it to the ocean. With heart thumping and trembling fingers, she picks it up and takes it to her room.  She doesn’t tell anyone that she has the little turtle, but what if it gets sick and dies? What can she do? 

Length: 1.55 hour

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