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GIGI Vision


Our vision
for Kids

We are a children’s Christian library, providing audiobooks, bible stories, chapter books, devotionals, bedtimes stories, true stories, stories about heroes of the bible and missionaries; for boys and girls worldwide.


Our vision
for teen girls

We provide spiritual resources for teen girls, so they can do personal worship, grow closer to God & understand the Bible. Our resources include: Radio podcast, an ebook library, chapter books, journals, devotionals, Bible studies and more. We want our girls to find peace in God’s word every day.

We love to ...

We hope you love our stories as much as we love making them for you.

A bit about GIGI

GIGI started with the vision of 5 Latin sisters wanting to empower teen girls to see themselves as God’s creations and truly GIGI – Gorgeous In God’s Image.

For 4 years we printed a beautiful glossy magazine called GIGI – Covering every day issues, spirituality, food and fashion.

However, the ministry has now changed and is primarily online. We feel that the world bombards our kids and teen girls with inappropriate content and sexual references. The world won’t change but we can bring a small change into their world.

We want to inspire and excite children and teenage girls with the bible and make it relevant for them today.

That’s why we have created an online library providing them with bible stories, chapter books, audiobooks, Christian resources and bible studies.

Helping kids and teen girls get closer to God is our number one priority.

New! eBook Library for Teen Girls

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GIGI Kids Library

GIGI kids’ library is a digital audiobook platform providing high-quality audiobooks for kids 10 years and under.

We have created the books with original bible and Christian stories that your children and whole family will love!

These stories are engaging, exciting, and, above all, point children to Jesus. You can start building your library and grow with us as we add more books.

Just click on “GIGI kid’s Library” and browse our selection of audiobooks and purchase each book.

Currently, we have 10 audiobooks available for your children. They are best suited for children aged 5 – 10 years old, but younger and older children (and parents) will also be delighted with them. 

NOTE: You can listen to the story on the BookFunnel APP to make it easy and convenient for you to access anywhere and at anytime.

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