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The world bombards our kids with stories on spells, magic, spirits, inappropriate content, swear words and sexual references. The world won’t change but we can bring a small change to your kids world. Welcome to GIGI kids stories a place where your kids will learn about God, built resilience, be brave, kind and warriors. Come with us on a story journey that will change their lives! Check out our podcast for kids on Apple, YouTube, Google

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For 2022, we at 5 Sisters Ministry, have a big vision to reach children and teen girls with more inspiring and godly content.

We know that worldwide, children and teen girls are suffering the effects and unpredictability of COVID, such as lockdown, sickness, isolation from families, heartbreak, and the loss of loved ones.

Our kids and girls are needing some spiritual and emotional stability, and we know that we can help bring serenity into their world through enriched spiritual content. This will enable them to find peace and most importantly point them to Jesus.

Some of the projects we have are:

More about these projects...

However, we cannot accomplish this vision without your help.
Therefore, we need your support in order to keep ministering to these young lives.


Together we can change the world through children and teen girls who are fully engaged in the bible and their personal relationship with Jesus. We would love to have your support by donating towards GIGI projects 2022.

Please Pray

If you’re unable to donate we would still love your prayers for God to lead each step and bless our listeners.

Thank you

Thank you in advance for your contribution and your heart to win young souls for God’s Kingdom.

May God abundantly bless you.

5 sisters ministry,
Maria, Martha, Zorayda, Esther & Stephanie.

What our listeners are saying...

Hi I’m Esther and I love stories! Growing up I found that Christian stories and books were boring, there was nothing exciting about them at all! No one ever shared them with passion and excitement.

As I got older I discovered the school library. A heavenly place, in my 8 year old brain, that had the most exciting and adventure filled books I had ever read.

So, began my love for Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables, Jane Eyre, Narnia and more. At first the books I was reading were harmless and fun, but the older I got the darker the books I enjoyed.

Spirits, ghost and haunted houses thrilled me to the core.

You can read my personal testimony here.

Year later my passion for these books grew stronger and I started writing books in this genre. God changed my heart and today I have the honour and privilege of sharing his word through godly stories.

I hope your kids will grow to love these too. I want our boys and girls to grow up loving God through stories.

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Thank you for being part of our GIGI community.


Esther xx



Hi I’m Steph, and I love to create!  I’ve always been one to love art and making things (not so much for the studying). When I was about 8 or 9 I dreamed of being a fashion designer. I had a book with my sketches and cut outs of dress styles I liked. I used to make clothes for my Barbies from balloons! Yes, actual party balloons. I’d make skirts, dresses, tops and whatever else I could manage.

Now my creativeness has gone into a bit of sewing (using fabric not balloons), sketching and paper making (all at a very basic level).

But God has placed a brand new creative project in my heart, and so I’m really excited to bring you ‘GIGI on Campus Girl Talk’ a brand new podcast  for teen girls! (check it out here)

So make sure you can join our GIGI community, we’d love to stay in touch and keep you up to date with everything.

Love Steph x

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GIGI Vision


Our vision
for Kids

We are a Christian online library providing bible stories, chapter books, audiobooks, Christian resources and bible studies for one million boys and girls.


Our vision
for teen girls

Simplifying the Bible so teen girls can understand how the bible applies to them today, which will excite them to connect with God on a personal level.

We love to ...

We hope you love our stories as much as we love making them for you.

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