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Maria, Zorayda, Steph, Esther & Martha.

Where it all Began

Back in 2012, in a testament to sisterly love and shared faith, we came together to create a ministry aimed at nurturing the spirits of teenage girls. For four years, we orchestrated events designed for teen girls and mothers, touching the lives of over a thousand young souls who attended these in person programs. With boundless creativity, we designed and published magazines for girls of all ages. Our message is simple—you are GIGI, Gorgeous In God’s Image!
Over the years, our ministry has evolved, and we’ve been fortunate enough to expand our resources, including books and podcasts tailored for children. But our impact goes beyond mere resources. Through our books, podcasts, and ongoing projects, specifically designed for children aged 4-9 and girls aged 10-14, we weave narratives that beautifully illustrate God’s boundless love, the gift of forgiveness, and the unwavering hope found in relying on Him.

We journey forward because of the heartfelt testimonies we receive from mums and children. Every message from mothers and children inspires us to keep creating, innovating, and reaching even more young hearts with our messages of Jesus.

Meet the Podcast Hosts


Steph is an experienced and passionate support teacher with over 15 years of experience, specialising in working with primary aged children. With a passion for food, creativity, and storytelling, Steph crafts compelling storylines that not only entertain but also impart valuable lessons which can positively change a child’s behaviour. Through her writing, she showcases the timeless relevance of the Bible to today’s children and girls 10-14. Alongside her sister Esther, Steph brings the character “Poppy” to life on their popular kid’s Christian podcast ‘Car ride Stories for GIGI kids’ infusing each episode with warmth, wisdom, and faith. As an author, Steph continues to inspire young hearts and minds encouraging a deeper connection with Jesus.


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Esther is an accomplished author and freelance writer for Christian magazines in Australia and the USA. She also brings over 18 years of invaluable experience as a support teacher in enhanced learning. As a specialist in special needs education at the secondary level, she possesses a deep understanding of the diverse needs and challenges that students face. Her heart-driven approach to teaching encompasses not only academic excellence but also emotional support and personal growth. Drawing from her own journey as an immigrant fleeing civil unrest, books became Esther’s sanctuary, igniting her love for literature and the power of storytelling. Now, she channels that passion into her work, striving to make Christian literature both beautiful and compelling for young readers. Esther’s commitment to sharing the love of Jesus shines through in her writing and teaching.


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