Stories for Kids


The Hot Fire

By Vikram Panchal ©2022 Hi there friends,My name is Trust and I’m Obey!We have a story for youWe know will make your day. Long ago in a land called Canaan,Lived Ol’ Uncle Abe and his

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From our listeners.

Zoe is 6 years old and lives in Preston England. She has sent through this beautiful picture she coloured of cheeky Mei & Ginger sneaking in to get the delicious gooey jam. Thank you Zoe,

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The Real Easter Story

By Ashlee Price “Look Mother, is that Jesus?” a little boy called Nathan cried in horror. His mother rushed to his side, and, looking to where he pointed, she saw Jesus walking along a path,

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Poppy’s Zoo Map

Hi boys and girls. Today in my glitter box you get to design your very own zoo! You get to choose what animals you put in and colour it with your favourite colours. Please send

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Lost at the Zoo

By Rosie Smith “Come on Aidan! Time to go!” Dad called out as he scooped up two year old Bella and headed out the door.“I can’t find my binoculars!” Aidan huffed as he rummaged through

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Little Maid

Written by Ashlee Price Little Maid was just wiping down the last plate from the pile of dishes when her mistress and master walked through the front door. They’ve been out so often lately, Little Maid

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Eleonor and the war

There was a war in Eleonor’s country. Big airplanes flew above as the sky started to go dark one Sunday night. They zoomed through the sky and threw bombs to the tiny colourful houses below.

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From our listeners

Thank you so much to Roger, Amy, Sophia & Mary who sent this fantastic picture of the hearts they made from Poppy’s glitter box! These awesome cousins are all the way from California U.S.A!

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Joshua and the wall of bricks

Written by Maritza Munoz Brunt Do you know what bricks are? A brick is a heavy, rectangle block. They’re often used to build houses, or—as we’ll see in today’s story—walls. Our story begins a long,

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Jack & Bella the dogs

Written By Ashlee Price “Woof woof!” Jack, the little maltese puppy bounced up and down. His owner, Danielle, came in the front door cradling a new dog in her arms. The new dog was quiet

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From our listeners

Olivia from Canada has made this beautiful origami heart that was in Poppy’s glitter box. Thank you so much Olivia its wonderful. You can make the Origami heart too – just follow the instructions here

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From our Listeners

These are Josephine’s and Avalyn’s beautiful pictures. They are both sisters from the USA. Thank you both for sending these in. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————

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