Stories for Kids


Wise King Solomon

By Ashlee Price “Solomon!” Nathan the prophet called out. Young Solomon was in the woods playing with his friends. They were trying on heavy armour

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From Our Listeners

Aunty Nina, Esther and I (Poppy) were fortunate to get a letter, pictures, bracelets and a donation. We love everything sent to us! Thank you

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From Our Listeners

Esther and I (Poppy) were so excited when we received a beautiful audio recording from Autumn. Autumn is almost 5 years old and lives in

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Bunches of Patience

By Maritza Brunt Naomi was so excited she could barely sleep. Tomorrow she was going to go and spend the day with her grandparents, all

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Saul’s New Name

By Ashlee Price There once was a man named Saul. He was a Jewish leader from the city of Tarsus. Saul lived in the years

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