7 Days of Creation

By Ashlee Price

In the very beginning, way way back in time, before any people or animals or plants existed, the whole earth was empty and dark. Everything was still. But God saw our little planet. He had made a plan at the beginning of time to create this world, and now it was time for Him to begin His work. He spoke with a loud voice and said, “Let there be light”. Brightness suddenly filled the emptiness. God saw that the light was good, so He separated the darkness from the light He had created. He said, “The darkness will be called ‘night’, and the light will be called ‘day.’” Then there was evening and morning, and that was the first day of creation.

God then said, “Let the sky and the waters be separated.” As soon as He said it, there was a great rushing sound. The water separated and the sky was formed. Fluffy, white clouds appeared in the air. The water began to ripple and waves formed on the ocean. And there was evening and morning, the second day of creation.

God commanded, “Let all the water be gathered to one place and let dry land appear.” Immediately, the water was rolled back and dry land was created. The flat ground quickly became rolling hills and valleys. God saw that what He had made was good. “The dry land shall be called ‘earth’, and the water shall be called ‘sea’,” God declared. “And the earth shall bring forth grass and trees.” Just as He had said, grass began to cover the hills and valleys like a green blanket. Colourful flowers dotted the landscape. Tall tree trunks stood on the ground while green leaves and fruit appeared on the branches. And God saw that this was good. And the evening and morning came; the third day of creation.

God then announced, “Let there be lights in the sky for both night and day.” A giant yellow sun appeared in the middle of the sky. Then when night time came, a white, round moon shone brightly and God made stars to twinkle in the dark sky. And God saw that it was good. Evening and morning came, which was the fourth day of creation.

God said, “Let creatures live in the seas and birds will live in the air.” Suddenly, hundreds of fish appeared in the ocean. Dolphins flicked their tails and moved gracefully through the water. Birds began to flap their wings and fly high into the sky. And God saw that it was good; and He blessed them. He said to the animals, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the air and seas with your offspring.” And there was evening and morning, the fifth day.

Next, God declared, “Let animals live upon the land.” Giraffes stretched their long necks to reach the leaves on the tallest trees. Tiny black ants marched along the ground in a line. Then God smiled.

It had now come time to make His most blessed creation. “Let Us make man in Our image. And he will rule over all the animals and the land that We have made.” God knelt down in the grass, and began to scoop clay from the ground and mould it with His hands. The form of a man started to take shape. God’s eyes twinkled as He looked at what He had made. “This man will be called Adam!” God exclaimed happily. God then breathed the breath of life into Adam’s nose – now he was a living soul! God had made Adam a body, and now with God’s breath, Adam had the power to live. As Adam opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the face of his loving Creator. They smiled at each other. Then God stood up and helped Adam stand to his feet for the first time. Adam was tall and his eyes were bright. He looked over all that God had created during the last six days. God held Adam’s hand and led him through the Garden of Eden, his beautiful new home. God smiled at Adam and said, “Adam, you may give a name to each of the things that I have made.”

Adam walked joyfully through the garden, giving a name to every thing he saw. “You will be a turtle,” he said to an animal with a hard shell on its back. “And you will be a lamb,” Adam pointed to a creature with a white woolly coat.  

But as Adam kept walking through his new home, he noticed something. He saw that every animal had a friend, one just like itself. There were two lions that lay sleeping in the grass; two brown bears ate berries side by side; but Adam did not have a creature that was just like him. He sat down on the ground and decided to take a nap.

God knew that Adam felt alone, so He put Adam into a deep sleep. While Adam slept, God gently removed one of the ribs from out of his side. God then created a woman out of Adam’s rib. Her name was Eve. When Adam woke up from his sleep, God brought Eve to meet Adam. Eve had bright eyes and was tall just like Adam. Adam smiled when he saw her, and the two of them walked happily through the garden with the Lord. And God blessed Adam and Eve and all the living creatures He had made. He said unto them, “Be fruitful and multiply.” And God looked upon all that He had made and saw that it was good. And there was evening and morning; the sixth day.

The next day was the seventh day of creation. But God didn’t do any more creating on this day. Instead, He rested. He did not rest because He was tired, because God never gets sleepy. Rather, He rested so He could spend time with Adam and Eve, His most special creations. Adam and Eve rested on this special day as well, so they could spend time with their Creator. God called this rest day ‘Sabbath’.

It has been thousands of years since Adam and Eve stopped to rest with God on that first seventh day. There have been many Sabbath days since then. But God hasn’t changed His special day. Isn’t it good to know that God still wants to rest and spend with you?

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