Poppy’s Zoo Map

Hi boys and girls. Today in my glitter box you get to design your very own zoo! You get to choose what animals you put in and colour it with your favourite colours. Please send me a picture of your zoo so I can put it up on the blog – you can also email […]


By: Nikki Rogers There once was a shepherd with one hundred sheep. Whether on mountains high or in valleys deep the good shepherd watched  and took care of them all. He’d be there to help if any should fall. Each sheep was different, yes each one unique, some played guitar , others played ‘hide n’ […]

Saved from drowning

The day was beautiful and crisp. Sunny and bright. Fun and exciting. Little butterflies danced in Mae’s and Lorena’s stomach as they headed to the river for a church excursion. The bus was filled with excited teenagers and adults as well as boisterous children. There was a great atmosphere in the air. The water came […]

Mary’s Big News – Chapter 6

CHAPTER 6  NO ROOM Bethlehem was over crowded! Mary held tight to the donkey with one hand and held her stomach protectively with the other –she was in a lot of pain. People shouted and crammed around each other – everyone seemed to be crashing into one another. They seemed to be in a frenzy […]

Mary’s Big News – chapter 1

CHAPTER 1: THE BIG NEWS By Mae Esther The roads of Nazareth were dustier than ever. Little fluff of dust made Mary’s feet dirty. She was late! She really wanted to run but couldn’t because of the heavy pitcher she carried on her hip. She hoped mum wouldn’t be angry – but it wasn’t her […]


By Nadelle Manners Hi My name is Ellyse and I’m in the army – can you believe it? I already have an amazing belt of truth and today I get another piece of armour – a breastplate – to protect my heart! The day started out sunny and not just because the sun was shining, […]

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