Eleonor and the war

Planes bombed the houses below

There was a war in Eleonor’s country.

Big airplanes flew above as the sky started to go dark one Sunday night. They zoomed through the sky and threw bombs to the tiny colourful houses below.


“Hide!” Eleonor’s papa cried out and in a hurry all her brothers and sisters and mum and dad rushed to hide under the beds, tables, and chairs.

Eleonor’s heart beat fast in her chest.

She was afraid.


Another bomb exploded nearby.

“Kids, you need to pray for God’s protection.” Her papa instructed. His voice drifted from his hiding place and floated to Eleonor’s ears and her siblings.

Everyone nodded.

Eleonor closed her eyes and prayed to Jesus.

“Dear Lord, please protect us from the bombs and keep us all save. In Jesus name. Amen”

As soon as she prayed a peace settled in her heart. She knew that God was by her side.

Hiding with her, was her mama. Eleonor buried her head on her mama’s shoulder as yet another bomb boomed closer.

She covered her ears and hid deeper under the table.

Will this ever stop? She wondered.

Eleonor closed her eyes for a moment and imagined she was outside playing in the green fields with her little black poodle Bella running behind.

She would throw the ball and Bella would run to bring it back. Eleonor loved her little dog. She hoped she was save under the bed where she had gone to hide.


The sounds of explosions continued – it felt like it was going to be a very long night.

Eleonor prayed again to Jesus again so she could keep calm, then she had an idea.

“Mama.” She said in a whisper. “Could you tell me a story please?”

Stories always made her feel peaceful.

Her mama hugged her close, nodded and began to tell her one story after another.

Boom came the sound in the distance.

Zoom the plane flew above.

But, Eleonor listened to her mama stories with intent.

Suddenly, in the middle of the story, Eleonor’s head shot up, what was that sound?

“It’s raining!” Her papa exclaimed.

Her mama grinned.

Her brothers and sisters clapped, but Eleonor frowned.

“Why is everyone happy?” She asked.

“Because when it rains the bombing planes can’t see and they have to go home.” Her mama kissed the top of her head.

Eleonor eyes rounded, “Oh. So no more bombs tonight?”

“That’s is correct!” Her papa came to pull her and her mama out from under the table. “We need to thank God for taking care of us.” He said.

Eleonor ran towards the bedroom and brough Bella from under the bed, “Come Bella. We are going to pray. Guess what? No more bombs for tonight- we are safe.”

She grabbed her little black poodle dog and twirled around with her.

Eleonor’s laughter and her dogs’ barks echoes around the house.


Well, we hope you loved that story – do you want to know a secret? That story is true and you know who Eleonor was? It’s Esther.

This happened to her when she was a little girl living in her country – but God kept her and her family save.


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