Goodnight God Bedtime Stories: Cover Reveal 3

These gorgeous and serene stories will be the perfect set to prepare your child for a goodnight sleep. They can snuggle under the covers, get ready to relax and find peace with God.
Their young hearts will learn about how much God loves them, how God listens to them and how he blesses them always.

Stompy’s lost slippers

Stompy the little elephant almost trips and falls with her old slippery slippers. Grandmother elephant comes to visits and together they go hunting for the perfect pair. Finally after much search, Stompy finds the ones she loves.

Pink slippers with fluffy pom poms on top and a little jingly bells that goes ling, ling, ling each time she walks. Stompy wears them all the time and leaves them everywhere.

One day as she gets ready for bed she can’t find her slippers. Upset and nervous Stompy looks for them everywhere. Oh no, what would grandmother say if she finds out she lost them? Will she ever find them?

Cover Reveal

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