Jesus was tired! It had been a very long day of healing the sick and doing different kind of miracles.

Jesus was thinking that getting away for a little bit would be a great idea. A quiet place to be with his friends sounded just perfect in his mind.

He looked at his friends the disciples; they were busy talking to people and even ushering some away so that he could get a break. Jesus shook his head, they had a good heart but sometimes they did things the wrong way. Jesus didn’t like to get rid of people – they needed him. He loved them all. Even the ones that weren’t very kind to him.

Jesus walked over to his friends and placed his hand on Peter’s shoulder, “You know, I was thinking.” He started to say, “Why don’t we go to the other side of the lake?”

Peter’s tanned face broke into a huge grin, “I think that’s a great idea! I’ll tell the others so we can get out of here. These people are a pain! They never leave you alone!”

Peter scowled as he looked at his surrounding and glared at some of the people watching him and Jesus talking. They shrinked away.  Afraid – even men were scared of Peter’s bad temper and burly figure.

Jesus shook his head and his eyes saddened. Peter hung his head and apologised.

“Jesus, I’m sorry. I know you love these people. I always talk too much and say the wrong thing!” With those words, Peter moved his solid body through the crowd and started gathering all the disciples.

The sun was beginning to hide behind the mountains and star lights were faintly twinkling in the distance. Jesus looked at the heavens and felt his heart soar. He closed his eyes briefly and talked to God. He loved talking to his father it brought him so much joy.

“Jesus, we’re ready!” Peter’s booming voice broke Jesus thoughts. He opened his eyes and looked at some serious, some smiling and some weary faces. His disciples were also exhausted. They had, had a very long day.

Jesus nodded and they headed toward their boat. In the background Peter and Judas were telling people to go home and rest.

Slowly people started dispersing – some walked up the mountains, others got on their donkey’s and started their trip, while others got in their boats and started sailing down the lake.

Jesus settled into the boat and breathed in deeply – the night was cool and still. He peered over the boat; the water was crystal clear almost like glass.

The serenity and peace of the evening settled his fatigued body and soon he got sleepy. He couldn’t sleep though, he needed to be awake and talk to his friends.

He looked around and noticed that a few boats were following them – Jesus shook his head and smiled.

The disciples also noticed the little boats following; Peter looked at his brother Andrew and motioned for him to hurry the boat. They really wanted their Lord to have a rest! Why couldn’t people leave him alone for a little bit?

Peter scratched his head and sighed.

It wasn’t long before the wind started to pick up making their boat sail faster.

“The wind is picking up!” Andrew shouted.

Thomas and James high-fived.

Peter shouted with joy and John smiled.

“Hey, I think the wind is getting rough.” Phillip said looking in the distance.

“No, you’re imaging things!” Thomas laughed.

Thomas didn’t believe things easily – he always demanded proof first.

“The clouds are getting darker!” Judas exclaimed running towards the front of the boat and pointing to the sky.

Suddenly deafening thunder rumbled out of nowhere and everyone gasped.

Peter groaned loudly, “I think we’re entering a storm.”

“Quick, put the best steerer at the helm!” Bartholomew shouted.

“Andrew, get behind the helm!” Peter pointed and Andrew hurried to the do as his brother said.

The lighting and thunder got louder and stronger.

Booming, rumbling, roaring and ear-splitting sounds surrounded them.

Soon the heavens opened and rain gushed down.

“Andrew move toward flat spots of the lake!” Peter commanded.

“Look!” John exclaimed.

The disciples looked to where John was pointing – a huge wave was lifting on the lake and the wind seemed to be gaining power.

Suddenly, the wind started roaring and picking up speed. The wind was furious! It hissed and roared and groaned and moaned.

The disciples gaped at each other – eyes as round as plates. This was a very bad storm. Most of them were used to storms, but, nothing like this.

A dark cloud of fear hovered over them and their heart beat increased to a million miles per hour. They were petrified.

Thunder and lighting reverberated around them.

 “These breaking waves will cause the boat to roll! “Peter shouted above the strong wind.

It was hard to see! Peter blinked a few times trying to clear the water from his face and eye lashes, he squinted trying to see what happened to the other boats that had been following them – frustrated he grunted! He could barely see from the thick curtain of rain. He spat water and wiped his drenched hair out of his eyes. His eyes and skin stung from the sharp painful water shots.

Their boat rocked back and forth – waves were washing across the deck of the water and their little boat was quickly filling up.

“Chuck the water out men! We will drown if we don’t.” Peter shouted and swayed towards the disciples. No one could stand straight. Everything was lopsided.

The disciples started shouting orders to each other and tossing water out of their boat. But the more water they tossed out, the more that came in. Waves crashed against the wood of their boat and they knew that soon it would shatter into a million pieces. Their lives were in danger!

“We are going to die!” Judas cried.

“No we won’t.” John shouted even though his face was pale. “Jesus will save us – just think of all the miracles he has done.”

At the mention of Jesus, Peter and a few of the other disciples looked around – no sight of him!

“Oh no, oh no!” Peter swallowed hard. Had Jesus been swept overboard?

Their eyes darted back and forth as they searched the furious dark water below – there was no sight of him.

“Last time I saw him he was near the stern.” Phillip shouted above the roaring wind and pointed.

John, who was smaller, rushed towards the stern – he slipped and tripped a few times but got up and tried again. It was almost impossible to walk in the horrendous storm.

Finally, he reached the stern and there sleeping peacefully was Jesus – his head on a pillow looking incredibly peaceful.

John, tossed his drenched hair off his face and shook Jesus, “Lord, save us! Lord wake up! Save us!” He shook him a little harder.

Behind him Peter and Phillip also shouted, “Lord, we are going to die! Save us! Wake up!!”

Their shouts were tossed and lost in the wailing of the wind and the lashing rain.  He couldn’t hear them.

Suddenly, very slowly, Jesus stirred – but sat up quickly as he saw all the commotion around him and their petrified faces. Jesus heart sank upon seeing their fear. Did they not have faith in him?

“Jesus help us!” They cried.

Jesus moved towards the front of the boat.

The disciples looked at each other – how could he look so calm?

Jesus looked at the sky and extended his arms, “Enough!” His voice echoed and carried for miles away. The disciples felt goose bumps on their arms and they shivered. Even amongst the racket his voice rang true and strong.

“Peace. Be still!”

Suddenly, the wind ran out of breath.

And the heavens water-taps shut down.

The disciples exhaled.

The clouds broke and a beautiful soft evening light illuminated them.

The lake was back to stillness and again it looked as clear and calm as glass.

The soaking wet disciples stared at each other in awe.

They were speechless – specially Peter who usually had an opinion about everything!

Jesus put his arms down and turned to his disciples –

“Why were you so afraid? You are men of little faith! Don’t you trust me?”

Peter and the others looked at each other and hung their head. Ashamed.

Jesus went back to the stern and the disciples stayed back just staring at him.

Their minds swirling like crazy!

Who was this man that even the winds and water obey him?

What kind of man was he?

Peters eyes filled with tears, he blinked them back quickly – and wiped his eyes. Then he whispered, “He is God.”

The disciples stared at him and nodded – they agreed – he was a God and a man all in one!

PICTURE CREDIT: Free Bible Images

Written by: Mae Esther 

Special effect editing: James Wagner

music credit: http://www.purple-planet.com/ 

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