Mei and the Turtle Dilemma

By: Esther and Steph

Meiling Jade Carter is 8 ½ years old. She has black hair, almond eyes and a cheeky smile. She loves Ginger her fluffy-fat cat and wild baby turtles.

But, those cute wild baby turtles will get her into trouble! Let’s find out what happens….


Chapter 1

Turtle Cove Island

Meiling Carter closed her eyes and squealed as another spray of cool ocean water showered her face. Licking away the taste of salt from her lips Mei looked out over the crystal blue water again.  

A squeaky whistle sound and a splash in the water caught her attention.

“Dolphins!” she shouted trying to compete with the loud sound of the motorboat. Turning to her mum and dad, Mei pointed to where she could see the grey aquatic creatures racing alongside their boat, jumping and diving.

The constant buzz, buzz, buzzing of the boat, did not seem to scare off the beautiful dolphins.

She leaned slightly over the rail and watched mesmerized as they did tricks in the air.

Other passengers moved closer to the rail to watch the show. 

The dolphins kept doing their stunts and Mei cheered and clapped. It felt like the show was just for her. Did a dolphin just look at her?  Mei giggled.

Oh how she would love to have a pet dolphin.

“Mei honey,” her mum said bending down to talk in her ear “look over there?”

Reluctantly Mei looked away from her new best friends and turned to where her mum was pointing.

“It’s Turtle Cove Island! We’re almost there.” She finished saying, although her last few words were stolen by the sound of the boat engine and carried away by the wind.

Little butterflies of excitement danced in Mei’s stomach as she saw the Island come into view.

“Yay, finally!” She squealed turning one last time to watch her dolphin friends disappear under the water and swim away.

“I guess I can’t keep them as pets.” She whispered sadly.

“What did you say honey?” Her mum asked.

Mei shook her head, “Nothing.”

It didn’t take long to reach the island and Mei stood fascinated watching the crew work. Quickly and effortlessly they tied up the boat and set a boarding ramp for the passengers to get off. 

 “Come on Mei.” Her mum said handing her, her little backpack and holding her hand.

“Wait!” Mei pulled her hand away and started heading inside the cabin. “Where’s Ginger?” The last thing she wanted was to leave Ginger, her fluffy fat cat, on the boat alone.

“Your father went to get him, he’ll meet us at the bus, come on.” With that her and mum walked down the ramp hand in hand.

“Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Turtle Cove Island, I’m Jason Wilson and I’m one of the wild life rangers here at Turtle Cove.”

Mei peered at the ranger; he was very tall, taller than her dad. He had a red beard, a ranger khaki hat with red hair peeking out from under it and a khaki uniform – Mr Wilson saw her watching him and winked. Mei giggled and looked away. He seemed very nice and kind. 

Just then she heard a familiar meow, although it sounded  tired and slightly cranky!

“Ginger!!” She whispered loudly.

Dad had him in his pet carrier. He looked bored and sleepy as she greeted him but he licked the finger she poked through the little gaps of the carrier.

“Poor Ginger.” She whispered feeling sorry for him.  She could understand he was tired being all cooped up for hours. Mei yawned. She was tired too and she had been able to move around!

She couldn’t wait to get to their apartment, change her salty ocean clothes maybe go swimming and let Ginger roam free.

Soon the crew carried theirs and the other passengers luggage’s to the little island bus which had large ocean turtles painted on the side. Mei twirled with delight; she couldn’t wait to start her island holiday adventure .

Looking around to make sure she wasn’t being watched she quickly pulled out a little tuna stick treat from her zipped pocket and fed Ginger before getting on the bus.


The treat seemed to make him happy. 

Once at their apartment Mei let Ginger out of his little carrier and raced around looking for her room, Ginger chased after her enjoying the freedom and running free.

“Mei honey,” she heard her dad call “we’re going to go and look around the island before dinner, Ginger can come.”

“Oh yippee.” Mei scooped Ginger in her arms and gave him a big fat kiss on his ginger fur, “did you hear that Ginger?”

Ginger purred happily and  rubbed his head on her chest.

“Just make sure you put his vest harness with the leash.” Dad finished saying.

 “Ok dad.” She called out. “Come on Ginger,” She pulled out the blue vest harness and leash from Gingers little luggage and wrapped it gently around him. “It’s time to explore!

Ginger pranced and jumped as they walked through some beautiful parkland on the Island, Mei tightened her grip on his leash, Ginger was not going to run off. They walked passed the island’s wildlife park and Mei stopped to take a peek at what she would see.

“Oh wow, look, look!” She pointed shrieking with joy.

A koala with a baby perched on her back was quickly climbing up the tree. Ginger meowed and tugged at the leash.

“Settle Ginger.” Mei said still hypnotised by the koalas.

How she wished she could have them as pets.

“Can we look?” Mei asked her mum and dad.

Mum laughed and grabbed Mei by the shoulders, “Come on Mei, let’s look around first. We will come back later this week.”

“Ok.” Reluctantly Mei walked away. Her heart wanting the baby koala to be hers!

Mei looked around with big round eyes as she spotted tall palm trees, flocks of birds flying over them  and some wild lizards scurrying by the pathway.   There were little huts along the water, canoes lined up along the shore floating gently on the clear blue water, a surf shop, an ice-cream shop, which Mei knew they would definitely visit later, a beautiful Jewellery  shop which looked like she wouldn’t be allowed in, a smoothie juice hut, a fun looking souvenir shop where Mei could see towels, t-shirts, stuffed toys and other cool stuff. Maybe she could buy her best friend Isabel something from there?


Ginger brought her back to earth and Mei giggled.

“Oh look Ginger,” She said pointing to some signs, “Its says that there are 8 different walking trails! Cool!” She exclaimed looking at her mum and dad and grinning from ear to ear.

“This is the bestest holidays ever!!!!” She picked up Ginger in her arms and twirling and twirling with him in her arms. Finally feeling very dizzy but happy, she put him down and they continued walking around the island. Mei hoped eight days on the island would be enough time to do and see everything.

Chapter 2

Two new friends 

As the sun began to set Mei couldn’t help but gasp “Oh it’s beautiful” she whispered as she held on the Gingers leash with one hand and her mums hand with the other. It looked like the big paintings she had seen at the museums – lots of reds, oranges and yellows splashed across the sky.

Her dad asked a man walking past to take a picture of the 4 of them. Mei smiled as she held Ginger in her arms.

Then her stomach rumbled  and they all laughed.

“Ok,” her dad said. “Let’s go back to the apartment, drop Ginger off and head off to dinner. They say that the Seaside Buffet Restaurant is delicious.”

“Yes please!” Mei and her mum chorused together.

Sitting down to dinner was exciting; Mei couldn’t remember the last time they’d eaten in front of the water, it was so pretty. There were lots of boats in the marina. Dad had called them luxury yachts.

Mei and her mum went to serve their dinner first, while her dad took more pictures and talked to some of the waiters and staff.

The buffet was impressive and Mei’s eyes bulged seeing so much food and she almost gagged when she spotted a whole fish on a large platter with googly eyes. Ugh. She definitely didn’t want to eat that!

Her eyes gleamed when she spotted the dessert buffet loaded with cakes, sweet pastries, fresh fruits, custard and jam donuts. Her mouth dropped and instantly reached out for one.

“No Mei, dinner first.” Her mum said in a serious tone.

Mei moaned.

“After your food you can have one for dessert.”


After walking around the buffet a few times, Mei choose some pasta with sauce and cheese and garlic bread. It smelled delicious.

When they arrived back at their table she saw that dad was talking to the wild life ranger who had winked at her earlier that day. He was with a dark haired lady in a pretty floral dress and a boy who seemed to be her age and looked like a mini version of the wild life ranger – with the same red hair and khaki clothes. Except he didn’t have a beard!

“Amy Honey,” Dad began as he saw Mei and mum approach. “You remember Jason Wilson? This is his wife Melissa and their son Lucas.

“Lovely to meet you,” Mum said as she shook their hands. “I’m Amy and this is our daughter Mei”

“Mei honey say hello.” Mum nudged her.

“Oh sorry, hello.” Mei blinked a few times; she was too distracted by the beautiful white and yellow bird sitting on Lucas  shoulder.

“Would you like to pat him” Lucas asked.

“Can I”? Mei asked incredulously.

Nodding, Lucas came closer to Mei. “His name is Goldie, he’s a Cockatiel, I’ve had him for a year.”

“I have a cat and his name is Ginger, he’s good, but can be a little cheeky.” Mei said as she gently stroked Goldie’s soft feathers.

“Say, why don’t you join us for dinner, seems Lucas, Mei and Goldie are friends.” Dad and everyone laughed as Goldie started whistling .

“He likes you!” Lucas laughed.

Mei giggled timidly.

Everyone sat down to have dinner. Mr Wilson spoke up, “We can’t stay long because I have a turtle hatching tour  tonight.”

Uh that sounded fun. Mei’s ears perked up.

Mr Wilson told them about the night tours he did to see the baby turtles hatch. Dad loved the idea so much he booked them a tour for the following night. Mei couldn’t wait.

Having dinner together was very fun, Mei found out that Lucas had just turned 10, he got to live on the Island but had to catch the boat to go to school, it was all so different and Mei thought he was lucky. Mei also found out that Mrs Wilson worked in the beautiful jewellery shop she has seen earlier and she had invited them to come and visit her and have a look around. Mei’s mum was excited.

Soon everyone said goodnight and the Wilsons headed of for the night.

Mei waved goodbye to her two new friends – Goldie and Lucas .

It had been a super fun night and Goldie had even sat on her shoulder. Oh, how she would love to have a pet Cockatiel.

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