Paige’s High Academy- Meet Aidan & Evelyn

The story of Aidan & Evelyn is the modernised story of Adam & Eve in the bible. Here is our character inspiration and how we imagine our characters.

Character Picture Credit : Pinterest

Evelyn is 17 years old and a senior at Pages High Academy. She is nice, encouraging, keeps to herself, competitive but quiet and knows she’s going to marry Aidan.
Evelyn loves sports especially track and field. Her dream is to make it to the Olympics and is determined that nothing will stand in her way!
Evelyn is involved in church and she enjoys going to church. 

Aidan is 17 years old and the school captain at Pages High Academy. He is  friendly, outgoing, kind and helpful.
He really wants to make the school a better place for all the students at Pages High. He has already begun by starting some before and after school care programs to help the students academically, socially and spiritually. But his dream is to start a Christian youth program for the kids at Pages High. 
Aidan also loves church and is really involved in helping out.

Devon Stanton is a coach at the Olympic training centre and who Evelyn has been warned to stay away from.
What could be so bad about a charming, encouraging, handsome coach who thinks you have what it takes to make it all the way??

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