Resilient Rebels: Defying Peer Pressure

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Question – have you ever done something you didn’t want to do but you were too afraid to look dumb or silly in front of your friends? Something like drinking alcohol or vaping?


Peer Pressure –

Lillian laughed as her friend posed for another photo. Riley loved photos, selfies and just being in the spotlight. Today more than ever she was basking in the attention. The music in the background, the coloured lights and Riley’s sparkling glittering gold gown made it all the so elaborate. Riley was an only child and her parents had rented out the venue for her special day, her 18th birthday party.

Lillian stuffed another spring roll in her mouth and watched Riley call over her boyfriend for another photo. Grinning Lillian walked back to her table to where Amanda and Julz were sitting.

“Want a drink?” Amanda asked.

“Sure, thanks” Lilian agreed taking it. She needed to wash down the crunchy spring rolls.

Taking the bottle she quickly scanned it like her dad and brother had warned her to.

Oh it had alcohol. She couldn’t drink it.

“Thanks guys but it’s got alcohol” Lillian said returning the bottle to her friends.

“Well it’s and 18th Lil, but we got it because it literally only says 1% alcohol” Julz stated pointing to the line claiming the small percentage.

Lillian knew you didn’t need to be a math’s genius to know that 1% was really nothing.

“One percent Lil, really?” Amanda said handing her back the bottle.

Lillian read the ingredients and the percent on alcohol. It really was only one percent.

“One percent Julz” She heard her friends repeat.

Lillian frowned feeling a little angry at their insistence. Her friends knew that she didn’t drink and it had never been such a big deal before. But here, tonight, they looked at her as odd, over the top and a ridiculous. She knew Julz drank now and then and was also a Christian. But she had been brought up differently. She knew alcohol was bad and God would never condone a food or substance that clouded the mind and reasoning.

Suddenly a verse popped into her head “Whoever is faithful in small matters will be faithful in large ones; whoever is dishonest in small matters will be dishonest in large ones” Luke 16:10.

 “I’m not drinking it and you should respect that” Lillian said strongly. Her friends gaped at her but nodded.

Lilian felt happiness fill her as she stood up for her believes but she also knew that she wouldn’t have been put in that situation if she’d stayed home. Tonight made her realise that she didn’t belong at these sorts of parties. Next time she’d give the friend her gift but not attend. Taking out her phone she texted her dad to pick her up.

How does God feel when we let ourselves be carried away by the pressure of bad influences? His Heart is saddened. He made us a unique version of ourselves with a brain to think – He wants us to use it.

What can you do about that?

Ask God to help you when you are tempted to stand up for your beliefs. To be strong and be faithful to Him.

Read His word daily because that will help you grow spiritually and when friends tell you or pressure you to do something that you shouldn’t, God will help you stand firm.

  • Ask God to help you be an example for others.
  • May your friends see Christ reflected in you.
  • Be a living testimony in the lives of those people.
  • Choose good friends and leave the ones that are ruining your life – you don’t need them.

What verse is key to being strong in God and not falling under the pressure of others?

1Corinthians 15:33

The NIV says

33 Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.


33 Don’t be fooled: “Bad friends will ruin good habits.” 


 But don’t fool yourselves. Don’t let yourselves be poisoned by this anti-resurrection loose talk. “Bad company ruins good manners.”

Bad friends ruin your life and your beliefs – don’t hang out with those that don’t fit with you and don’t respect your faith. Those are not friends – if you don’t have friends ask God to send you some – He can and He will.

Also involve yourself in your youth groups – don’t wish for friends but you are always home and never participating in any activities – also get involved in church and help out in a department you like – it’s okay to feel uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone when you are starting to join youth groups – it will get easier.

Above all pray to God for wisdom so your choices of friend can be to lift you and not bring you down.

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