“Move out of my way! Move out of my way. I need to see Jesus!” Jairus charged through the crowd – he needed a clear path, but, it was impossible to break through. The streets overflowed with people eager to see Jesus.

Jairus paused, wiped his wet brow and glanced around searching for an opening – The sea of faces made him dizzy and the crowd pressing into him stole the bit of breeze that flowed through.

People pushed, pulled and shoved into each other. Some jumped up and down in order to get a glimpse of the great teacher. From behind, someone elbowed him in the ribs. Jairus gasped as the air was sucked out of him, he leaned into his sore side and rubbed the spot.


He turned around, eyes darting back and forth as he looked for the culprit, it was impossible to know who is was amongst the multitude.

Jarius closed his eyes, took a deep breath and continued the challenging journey.

Finally, he spotted him. There he was a few metres away, a soft glow seemed to illuminate his being and his smile penetrated even the hardest heart. Suddenly Jairus felt a little afraid.

He was a synagogue leader and not liked by many people. Would Jesus help him? Jesus was criticised by synagogue leaders – they were cruel to him. He might not want to help him. Jairus took a step back, he should just leave.

Then he remembered his very sick daughter drying at home. The need to see Jesus was stronger than any fear he felt! Taking a big breath and not caring what anyone thought, he pushed the throng of people aside and sobbing, fell at the feet of Jesus.

“Jesus, help me.” Tears streamed down his beard and his body shook.

“My little daughter is dying. She’s only 12. I can’t lose her Lord. She’s my only child.”

Jesus moved towards him.

Jairus continue, “Please come to my house and heal her. I know you can!”

Jesus looked at him with compassion and stretched out his hand, “Come, let’s go to your house.”

Jairus looked up, his wet eyes round, he nodded, grabbed Jesus arm and stood up, relief ran through his body and he exhaled.

“Thank you Rabbi.” He whispered.

He noticed that some people smirked; others shook their heads while others whispered and laughed.

Jairus shrugged and started pushing his way through the thickness of the crowd, yet again.  Jesus and the disciples followed.

The walk was painfully slow, people stopped to touch and talk to Jesus. Jairus wanted to scream at the top of his lungs for them all to go away and let Jesus through – his baby girl was dying!

“Make room. Please move. Let Jesus through.” Jairus put his head down, pushed his body forward and ploughed through the mass.

All of a sudden he heard Jesus voice ring out strong, “Who touched me?”

Jesus stopped and everyone froze.

Jairus turned to looked at Jesus. Had Jesus just asked who had touched him? Jairus frowned, EVERYONE touched him. People shook their heads and whispered amongst each other – none of them had touched him either.

Then one of the disciples, the burly loud one called Peter, boomed, “Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you. Everyone is touching you!”

Jesus shook his head slowly, “No Peter, someone touched me; because power has gone out from me.”

Silence descended over the crown, eyes bulged, breath held – no dare move.

Jairus shook his head, turned around and took a step forward to keep walking.

Behind him the people chorused a gasp, Jairus stopped and turned around. There at the feet of Jesus was a woman. Hunched over, face covered, body trembling and sobbing.

“I touched you Master.” She whimpered, “I have been very sick for 12 years and I knew that if I just touched the hem of your robe, I would be healed.”

The woman bent closer to the ground, shuddering.

Jesus face broke into a smile; ever so tenderly he leaned over, touched the woman’s hand and said, “Daughter, your faith has healed you.”

With these words he helped her up, “Go in peace.”

The woman’s face brightened and suddenly she radiated joy.

“Thank you! Thank you!” She shouted as Jesus started walking again.

The silent crowd erupted into laughter and cheer – even Jairus felt his heartstrings tuck. If Jesus could heal a woman who had been sick for 12 years, he could definitely heal his little girl.

New hope surged through his limbs and he hurried along with energy pumping through this body.

“Jairus, Jairus!”

The shouts of his name made him look up and he saw his friend breaking through the crowds.


Panting and gasping for breath the man blurted, “Your daughter is dead.”

Jairus inhaled and grabbed his arm, shaking his head no.

“Jairus, don’t bother the teacher anymore. There’s no need.” Jokim whispered.

Jairus opened his mouth to speak but no words came out – helpless he turned to look at Jesus, tears filling his eyes.

Jesus walked towards Jairus and said, “Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.”

The certainty and authority that Jesus spoke these words made Jairus tremble and he believed.

In a booming voice he shouted above the crowd, “Make room for the master. Make room!”

Soon, he was running down the road towards his house. The sight that met him wasn’t pleasant. Mourners had already gathered at the house and their weeping echoed throughout his town.

Something stirred in Jairus heart at seeing these women dressed in mourning clothes and crying for his little girl, but he shook the feeling and trusted that Jesus was going to heal her.

His wife came running from the house and buried her head on Jairus chest, “She’s dead. She’s dead.” She cried. “I can’t bear it!”

Jairus stroked her head and whispered, “Jesus is here, he said we need to believe and she will be healed.”

Her pale tear stricken face looked up to Jesus.

“Master?” She whispered.

“Take me to her.” Jesus said, he turned and looked at his disciples, “Peter, John, James, come with me inside the house.”

The disciples solemnly nodded and followed Jesus.  As they walked past the mourners Jesus frowned, “Stop crying,” he said. “She is not dead but asleep.”

The sobbing and noise stopped for a few seconds, they stared at him and then burst into laughter.

“She is dead!” They cried.

Jairus touched Jesus arm and motioned for him to follow his, “This way Master.” He whispered.

They came to a stuffy dark room that smell of scented oils and melted candle wax.

Jairus grabbed his wife’s hand when he saw his daughter lying on her bed; pale, cold and still.

Jesus  walked towards her bed, grabbed the child’s hand and said, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!” There was power and great authority in his voice.

Everyone’s breath left the room.

Immediately the girl’s eye lids fluttered like trapped butterflies trying to fly. Her hands moved and suddenly she opened her eyes and sat up.

Gasped of astonishment echoed in the room.

Jairus and his wife erupted into sobs and ran towards her. They embraced.

After a little while, Jairus went to Jesus and fell at his feet, “Master, thank you! Thank you!” He said over and over again.

Jesus smiled and helped him up, “Jairus, give your daughter food. She needs to eat.”

Jairus nodded and laughed.

Oh how he laughed.

His heart overflowing with gratitude.


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