Stompy’s Sports Day

By Martha Hughes

Deep, deep in the Congo Rainforest of Africa lived a herd of elephants. Papa elephant, Mama elephant, sister elephant and baby elephant, Stompy.

Sometimes, Stompy wanted to do things her way and by herself. She didn’t always like rules.

Not obeying these rules always gets her in some sort of trouble – just like it did on her first sports day at school.

Listen to see what happened.


Summer was approaching and the teacher told her students to get prepared for their first “sports day.”

Mrs Pelican opened her long beak and said, “Students, every day during P.E you will be training for the sports day.” She fixed her spectacles and continued, “You need to do running, jumping, push ups, tag-of-war and high jump.”

The little animals shouted and cheered.

Everyone, except Stompy.

Mrs Pelican cleared her throat, “Settle please.”

Everyone went quiet.

Mrs Pelican continued, “You will work in pairs or you can work individually. There will be prizes for the winners in each category and a trophy for the fastest runner. The winner’s names will go on the school leader board.”

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The students shouted in unison.

Everyone, except Stompy.

Pedro the porcupine shrieked excitedly. He wanted to win every archery game. His spikes were sharp darts and he knew that if he practiced he could win.

Carmen the cheetah and Joe the Jaguar suddenly roared and everyone went silent.

“If you want to win, never race with a cheetah or a Jaguar, we are fast, like lightning speed!”

They high fived and roared again.

“Yeah?” Smirked Gina the Giraffe. “I’m a fast runner too.”  

“So am I” Shouted Wilbur the wildebeest.”

“Me too!” Added Gemma the Gazelle.

Soon everyone was arguing at who was the fastest.

Everyone, except Stompy.

She knew she was going to win everything.

She was fast.

She was strong.

She was clever.

Mrs Pelican squawked to get everyone’s attention.

In the corner of the classroom, talking and laughing softly were the troublesome twin monkeys, Mono and Mona.

They were plotting and planning to trick their friends and throw bananas peels on the track so they could slip, fall, and lose the race.

But, no one heard their mean trick.


Early next morning, all the animals arrived early to school. Everyone was keen and ready to start.

Everyone, except Stompy.

“Remember to start with a warm up. Do some stretches first, I don’t want anybody to get hurt or pull a muscle.” Mrs Pelican said.

As soon as the teacher finished giving the instructions, the animals bolted to the oval. There were lots of obstacles for them to do.

There was; rock climbing, slippery slides, balance beams, hula hoops, ball throwing, tree swinging, tug-of-war rope, mud puddles and field games.

Stompy looked around and wriggled her trunk in disgust; she knew how to do ALL those obstacle. Boring!

Gina the Giraffe looked down at her, “Stompy, which are you starting with?”

Stompy rolled her eyes, “I don’t know. Everything is boring!”

So, she decided to hide under a big shady tree and eat her delicious berries.

“Hey Stompy,” Her friend Rina the Rhino and Don the Deer called coming to sit under the tree with her. “Aren’t you going to train? Mrs Pelican said we have to train for the sports day.”

Stompy popped another berry in her mouth, “Well, I don’t need to train. I already know how to do everything on that obstacle course!”

Don the deer frowned, “Training is very important; it could help you win the race.”

Stompy ignore her friend’s advice. She was very confident she could win without training.  


Weeks passed by and all the animals trained very hard.

Everyone except Stompy.

Stompy sat under the same shady tree eating her juicy berries. Watching and observing.

“I can do better than them!” She’d boast and pop another berry in her mouth.

Her friends shook their head; feeling disappointed at Stompy’s attitude.

Even Mona and Mono trained.

Three week had gone past since Mrs Pelican had announced the big event.

The animals were feeling fit, strong and ready to face the big day ahead.

Everyone, except Stompy.

“This Friday is the big sports day.” Mrs Pelican announced.

Some clapped, some stomped, others roared and everyone cheered.

Everyone except Stompy.

She trumpeted loudly.

She was extremely thrilled!

She knew she would win!

At the end of the day, Mrs Pelican gave the excited animals invitations made out of bark, “Make sure you give these to your parents. Please don’t forget.” She instructed.

The animals all solemnly promised. It was very important for them to have their families at this event.

Finally, Friday arrived! The big day was here.

Stompy woke up extra early and trumpeted happily, as she got ready. She felt very confident that she was going to win the trophy for every single event.

Her parents would be very proud!

“Good morning mama.” Stompy said cheerfully.

“Morning dear.” Mama answered giving her a cuddle. “Are you nervous?”

“Oh no mama.” She said, “I’m excited!”

Papa Elephant thundered in, “I’m ready to have a great sports day seeing my baby compete.”

“Me too.” Pipped up her sister Lola, “I also can’t wait for the picnic we’re having.”

“Let’s go, let’s go,”Stompy hurried her family out of their house, “I don’t want to be late.”

The family trumpeted loudly and headed to school. It was going to be a great day.

Arriving at the school all the parents and families found nice shady spots where they could watch the game and have their picnic.

“Have fun dear.” Mama Elephant said.

Lola lifted her trunk and high fived her sister, “All the best little sis.” She said.

Papa bear trumpet and roared loudly, “Make us proud Stompy!” He said.

Stompy ran off flapping her ears and trumpeting.

Mrs Pelican gave everyone some important instructions and then…

The games began!

“We will start with the races.” Mr Fox yelled so everyone could hear him.

Cheering, clapping, roaring, stomping and trumpeting echoed throughout the field.

Mr Fox stood on the sidelines with his clipboard ticking the student’s names.

Rina looked at Stompy, “Good luck!” She said.

Stompy sneered, “I don’t need luck. I’m a fast runner and will win!”

“STOMPY!” Her friends shouted in unison, not happy with her words and attitude.

Gina bend over and whispered, “Stompy, don’t forget that pride comes before a fall.”

“Yes, that is true.” Don added.

Stompy gave her friends a funny look, rolled her eyes and stomped away.

Mr Fox and Mrs Pelican called the animals to line up and get ready for the race.

Stompy’s stomach did little summersaults and funny swirls and twirls.

 “On your marks…”

“Get set…”


She bolted.

She was focused.

She ran and ran.

She was coming first.

She felt proud.

In the distance, she heard animals shouting, “Go Stompy! Go Stompy! Go Stompy!”

She liked the animals cheering for her.

She was pleased.

With a big grin on her face she turned around to see which animals called her name.

Suddenly she lost concentration and didn’t see where she was going.

She didn’t see the banana peel that Mono and Mona had strategically placed on the ground so the animals could slip and fall.






Stompy couldn’t stop.



She tripped over her trunk.

Went flying across the field.

Crashed into a few picnic baskets.

Sent food flying up the sky.



She landed face first in the dirty.

Stompy tried to hold back the tears of embarrassment and pain.

She glanced up and saw her friends running towards the finish line.

Suddenly Stompy couldn’t hold it anymore and started to sob.

Her knees were scratched and bleeding. Her trunk felt bruised and her body ached.

But what hurt most of all was her heart

“Stompy, Stompy are you ok?”

She turned around and was surprise to see her friends coming towards her. They were concerned.

Even Mono and Mona looked sorry and apologised.

Stompy sniffled and said, “I’m sorry for having been mean and a show off. Please forgive me?”

Her friends grinned, “Of course we forgive you!” They shouted in unison.

“Group hug.” Said her best friend Rina the Rhino.

Everyone laughed and wrapped her in a big warm hug.

 “FRIENDS FOREVER!” They shouted.

Stompy lifted her bruised trunk and gave her very best happy trumpeting!

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