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GIGI kids’ library is a digital audiobook platform providing high-quality audiobooks for kids 10 years and under.

The books have been created with original bible and Christian stories that your children and whole family will love!

These stories are engaging, exciting and above all point children to Jesus. You can start building your library and grow with us as we add more books.

Just click on “My Library” and register for free and purchase each book individually or as a bundle.

Currently we have 10 audiobooks available for your children. They are best suited for children aged 5 – 10 years old, but younger and older children (and parents) will also be delighted with them.


We have an awesome monthly podcast called
‘Car Ride Stories for GIGI Kids’
that has original stories and Bible stories shared and written for our podcast and blog.

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Kids Blog

Check out our Kids Blog for news, stories from our listeners.

It also contains transcripts, images, and other special content from our Kids podcast.

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Testimonials from parents

Helping kids and teen girls get closer to God is our number one priority.

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"Mary's Big News"

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GIGI Kids Audio Devotional

In each day you will find:

Mary's Big News Activity Book

Facts, Puzzles, Games and More. 

Don’t miss out on this truly interactive experience – this pairs beautifully with our FREE Audio Book – “Mary’s Big News” 

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