Stress Less: Finding Calm Amid Stress

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Intro: Question–So, do you ever feel stressed and anxious about things happening in your life?

Today, we have a Bible boost with Rosanne about facing these challenges with God.

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We’ve all felt anxious and stressed in our lives. But like Rosanne was saying, we need to give our stress to God and not keep it to ourselves–we need to trust him.

We have a few little tips you can do when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

  1. Leave the room: Getting up and leaving the stressful situation can be a huge help.
  2. Do some breathing exercises:
  3. Journal your feelings: there’s something really therapeutic about writing how you are feeling–or you can draw it.
  4. Exercise: mornings are great to get your mind destressed.
  5. Gratitude: Write 3 things you’re grateful for and do this daily. We have a great gratitude journal for you.
  6. Talk to someone: Find someone you can talk to about your feelings–someone who can help you. Like a counsellor, teacher, or chaplain.
  7. Pray: Last but definitely the most important thing is to pray when you are going through these emotions. Take it to God and then do the other things.

We hope these help you!


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