The Alpaca Farm

Written by: Melissa McKay & Mae Esther

Sienna looked out the window and grinned. There it was! Finally after all these months of waiting she was going to visit Jarravale Alpaca and Miniature farm in Mackay.

Her friends on the bus giggled and squirmed , waiting for the bus to come to a stop so they could jump off.

Her teacher Mr Jones cleared his throat and clapped his hands so  that everyone in 3J paid attention to him.

“Children, before we get to the Alpaca farm I want give you some interesting and quick facts on Alpaca’s.”

Everyone groaned.

Mr Jones clapped louder, “3J, settle please – that is not very kind.” He remarked. His bushy, thick brows joined together when he frowned. It looked like he had a long rope on his face. Sienna tried not to giggle.

“Now back to the facts,” Mr Jones said, “I think it’s important for you to know a little bit about Alpacas before we visit them. Are you ready?”

“Yes Mr Jones.” Everyone on the bus sang out.

Sienna wriggled and pressed her face to the cold glass of the window. She watched as the bus got closer to the park and tried really hard to pay attention to Mr Jones facts.

“Fact one.” Mr Jones started to say…

–           A baby Alpaca is called a Cria.

–           Alpacas live from 15 to 20 years.

–           An alpaca will be pregnant for 11 to 11 1/2 months before giving birth to live young.

Sienna’s ears perked up – these were really interesting facts. She looked away from the window and listened carefully to Mr Jones.

Mr Jones continued…

–           Alpaca wool is strong, very warm, water proof, and very soft. It is used to make beanies, jumpers, jackets and blankets.

–           Alpacas are social herd animals that live in family groups and they don’t like being alone. They make great pets!

–           An alpaca has a padded foot with two toes. Each toe has a toenail which needs to be kept trimmed.

Sienna turned to look at her friends Liam and Jorja and smiled.

“Those were cool facts!” Liam said excitedly.

Jorja nodded, “Yes, I can’t wait to see them…

“And pat them.” Sienna added.

Finally the bus came to a stop. In  an orderly fashion the students hoped of the bus and made two straight lines outside.

Mr Jones was talking to a lady – she wore grey knew length shorts, light grey shirt with an Alpaca logo in the corner, a wide brim tan hat and short black boots.

“Children, this is Josie.” Mr Jones introduced her.

Josie smiled and waved.

“Josie is the owner of the farm. She will make sure that we have a safe and enjoyable adventure today.” Mr Jones said.

Josie greeted them. She had a really nice kind smile, “Hello children,” She said. “Welcome to Jarravale Alpaca and Miniature farm. I’m happy you are here.”

Sienna and her friends all gave her a loud good morning.

“Today you will get to pet and feed the animals and I will introduce you to all the animals we have here.” Josie said pointing to all the land around her.

Sienna, Liam and Jorja and all of 3J clapped and cheered.

It was going to be a very fun day!

The tour began and the first place they stopped was to see Marvin and Archie the miniature pigs. One was a black pig with brown high lights and the other was blond and brown.

“These pigs fight over the food.” Josie said, “That’s why they are to be fed apart.”

Liam put his hand up, “Can we feed them?” He asked.

Josie grinned, “Of course. I will give you carrot sticks and you can feed them. Who wants to feed Archie and Marvin?”

Me, me, me, me…echoed all around.

Everyone wanted to feed the pigs.

After they gobbled every single piece they continued their journey and went to meet Rasha, the miniature horse who loves his carrots and a good pat.

Sienna and Jorja patted the horse.

“I wish I could take him home.” Sienna giggled.

“Let’s keep moving children.” Mr Jones called out, “Sienna, Jorja and Liam don’t stay behind please.”

Sienna and her friends reluctantly left the horse and ran to catch up with the rest of 3J.

Josie stopped walking and turned to look at Sienna’s class, “Children, we are now going to visit Mickey. He is a blue parrot and does all sorts of tricks. Are you ready to see him?”

A resounding YES vibrated through the farm.

Everyone was enthusiastic.

Sienna and her friends walked quickly behind Josie so they would not miss out on meeting Mickey.

Uhh’s and ahh’s popped around Mickey as 3J admired the pretty blue parrot.

Mickey did all sorts of tricks, but Sienna’s favourite was when he and Josie High fived and then he pretended to fly like an eagle! Everyone clapped and cheered. Mickey was cheeky and very clever.

“Ok Josie lifted her arm in the arm, come one kids let’s continue our farm adventure. We are now going to meet Harry and Kevin our donkey’s.

Sienna and Jorja laughed when Liam heehaw and stopped his feet.

As they were busy feeding Kevin and Harry the donkey’s, a loud alarm bell rang.

Sienna and all of 3J stopped what they were doing and looked around with round eyes.

What was happening? Josie wasn’t around them either she was running around with some other farm helpers.

Sienna and her friends watched as a little lamb was being chased around . She had been chased out of the shed with sprouts still hanging from her mouth.  Finally she was caught.

Baaaa Baaaa Baaa 

Josie came back to 3J huffing and puffing, “Sorry kids I had to ring the alarm. Our naughty lamb Barbara managed to sneak into the shed and eat almost all of the sprout!”

Everyone gasped.

Jorja put up her hand, “Will she get sick?” She asked sounding very worried.

Josie shook her head, “No, but she will miss out on her bottle feeding today – she simply can’t fit another thing in!”

Sienna and Jorja sighed with relief. Phew, they didn’t want the cute little lamb to be sick.

Just before lunch they met Milly a very pregnant goat. She was beautiful and gentle and was going to have her kid any day.

Sienna frowned, have a kid?

She put up her hand, “Josie,” She asked.

“Yes dear?” Josie said.

“Isn’t kids only for human children?”

Josie smiled, “Great question!” She said, “baby goats are called Kid.”

“Oh ok cool!” Sienna and her friends learnt something new.

Soon it was lunch time – 3J sat under beautiful shady tress to eat their delicious sandwiches and drink their cold juices or water. After lunch they played a cool guinea pig game and met the Alpaca’s

Sienna had been waiting all day to finally see them – she was beyond excited.

Everyone started asking if they could feed them but Josie said no.

Groans and disappointed moans jumped from one person to another.

“Settle 3J.” Mr Jones clapped his hands together to get everyone to be quiet.

Sienna held her breath as they watched the Alpaca’s graze in the paddock. Instantly they looked up and came close to the fence staring at everyone in 3J.

“Why can’t we feed them?” Sienna asked curiously.

“Because there are so many of them and only a few of us, so they will spit at each other and at you!” Josie said.

No one wanted to get Alpaca spit on them.

Suddenly Josie quickly moved away and warned us all to move back quick!

 All of 3J marched back and watched as an Alpaca’s ears were back and was getting ready to spit green goo at everyone.


Sienna sighed with relief when the goo didn’t reach them.


That had been close.

Finally, just before home time year 3 headed to the shed to feed the baby Alpaca’s with a bottle and by hand.

Sienna fell in love with Cuddles – the cutes  baby Alpaca she had ever seen.

“I wish I could take her home!” She whispered to Jorja and Liam leaning close to Cuddles and giving her a loving hug.

Liam and Jorja nodded. They all wished they could take some animals back with them.

They had, had an awesome day at the farm.

“Ok 3J, let’s get ready to go back on the bus.” Mr Jones got everyone into two lines and after thanking Josie for having been a great tour guide, they headed back to the bus feeling happy but very exhausted.

Sienna looked out the window as the Alpaca farm became smaller and smaller in the distance.

Mr Jones got everyone’s attention, “I hope you all had a wonderful time at the farm today.” He began, “I also hope you learn a lot about God’s creation and the different types of animals he left for us to enjoy. Tomorrow in class, I will get you to draw your favourite animal and why.”

Sienna, Jorja and Liam clapped and everyone in 3J started talking at once .

It was not going to be easy to pick just one animal.

But in her heart Sienna knew that he favourite animal had been baby Cuddles.

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