The Hot Fire

By Vikram Panchal ©2022

Hi there friends,
My name is Trust and I’m Obey!
We have a story for you
We know will make your day.

Long ago in a land called Canaan,
Lived Ol’ Uncle Abe and his nephew Lot.
It was the best place on earth.
Of course, it was God’s promised spot.

God had blessed them
With more than can be told.
But soon, with no space between them,
The people were angry and ready to explode.

“The shepherds want social distance,” said Uncle Abe.
“They think it’s their right.
We may need to part ways.
After all, we don’t want a fight!

“So Lot, you choose where to go first.
And I’ll go second.
Now that’s a pretty fair deal.
What do you reckon?”

Lot thought long and hard,
Soon he saw a city bright and fair.
The closer Lot looked, to him,
The sight of that city was quite rare!

It was time to pack and say goodbye
For Lot’s family and his wife,
Onward to Sodom and Gomorrah
To start a brand new life.

But when Lot’s caravan rolled in,
He saw a city given to vice.
The people only cared for money.
Lot said, “Lord, is this the right choice?”

“Dad, look at their camels,” Lot’s daughters said.
They’re always in the lead.
Moving people place to place
They go ten times our speed!

And what about those girls?
They walk with style and flare.
They even wear sunglasses
To protect them from the glare.”

“Oh Lord, please help!” Lot cried.
“It’s too late to turn around.
This city is too wicked
Only You can cleanse this town.”

And God heard Lot’s prayer.
It wasn’t too late to show him pity.
So He chatted to Uncle Abe
To save Lot from sin city.

“Abe, you’re My good friend.
But Sodom will no longer be.
It has become too wicked.
Filled with all kinds of greed!”

Abe was worried, “Please Lord, think again.
You’ve heard of Lot’s struggle.
Let’s try save him
From that city of trouble.

“Of course Abe!” said the Lord,
“For you, I’m all ears.
I know this is a big deal;
So let’s save people from some tears.”

“Thank you Lord.
For 50 good people, save this city.
If you can do that
It would be pretty nifty!”

The Lord said, “Yes!”
So from 50 Abe went down to 10.
He asked 4 more times,
But Ol’ Abe got there in the end.

“For 10 good people
I will save the peoples’ lives.”
At that Ol’ Abe was happy.
He knew Lot would come out alive.

So the Lord sent two angels
On before Him to the city gate.
But when Lot saw them, he said,
“Sirs, sleep in my house. It’s getting late.”

Lot tip-toed down the city streets
Safely to his house.
In fact, he was so quiet
He didn’t even wake a mouse.

The people in the city were wicked.
Lot didn’t want to wake the neighbours.
He knew the people with him
Were God’s special messengers.

Soon a loud knock shook the door.
“Lot, bring your guests out on the double!
Or we’ll tear your door down
And cause some trouble!”

“We came to your place
‘Cause we want some fun,
We’re all around your house,
So there’s nowhere to run!”

Lot talked to the messengers,
“I don’t know what to do.
I want you to sleep in peace,
But out there it sounds like the zoo!”

The messengers calmed Lot down,
“Don’t fear young man.”
Then opened they the door
And stretched out their hand.

At once the people fell blind,
They couldn’t see dark from light,
They pulled at each other,
Overcome by so much fright!

One by one, they left Lot’s house,
Walking away into the night.
The messengers cried, “Save your family Lot.
God’s going to torch this city with light.

“Uncle Abe pled mercy with God;
For 10 good people your city to save.
But we’ve seen it all now, and
Evil is all these people crave.”

Lot pleaded with his family,
It was time to leave that place
For the fires God would send
Could wipe out an entire race.

“Oh Dad, you make no sense.
We’ve come to like it here.
It’s so easy to live in this town,
We think it’s oh so dear.”

Lot’s sons in law were not keen.
They said, “We’re not going!”
The messengers cried, “Escape before the sun rises
And you hear the cocks crowing.”

That morning the skies glowed red,
The heavens looked on fire.
“Maybe Lot’s messengers were right,” the wicked said.
“Things are looking pretty dire.”

So that city bright and fair,
Where the people had plenty of stash,
That morning when God sent fire from heaven,
Became just a pile of ash.

While escaping, Lot’s wife turned
To see her beloved city.
But she turned to a pillar of salt.
It really was a pity.

Lot’s wife was a nice lady.
We’re sure she meant well.
But sadly, when we lose our sight of God
Things don’t end up very well.

Lot ran with his daughters
To a little city called Zoar.
But with all those hard lessons
We’re sure it left him quite soar.

Ol’ Uncle Abe watched Sodom’s fate
With a heart of sadness.
If only nephew Lot trusted God,
He could’ve saved himself from all that madness.

For staying in Canaan, God’s land of promise,
And making God his treasure
God blessed Ol’ Uncle Abe with stories To tell of God’s love beyond measure.

There’s much more to this story,
Much more than we can tell.
But if there’s one thing you can learn,
Then learn it well.

This world with all its pleasures
Will soon be no more.
But the treasures you lay up in heaven
For you will always be sure.


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