The Lost Sheep

DAY 16


Have you ever touched the fleece or the wool of a sheep? Isn’t is so soft and fluffy? Today I have a few interesting facts about sheep. Let’s see if you already knew some of these.

  1. Did you know that Sheep are herbivores: Meaning that they only eat plants, vegetables and grass.
  2. Did you know that there are over 1 billion sheep in the world? That is so many – that’s more than 100, more than 300, more than 1,000 more than 10,000 more than a million!!
  3. Did you know that sheep have a vision of around 300 degrees. Do you know what that means? Well, it means that they can see behind them without turning their heads! Wow.
  4. Did you know that sheep have incredible memories? They can remember other sheep and their owners for many, many years.

And lucky last one..

5 Did you know that when sheep get sick, they go out to the field and find specific plants to help them get better? Way clever isn’t it?

Today the story is about the lost sheep.

You can find the story in your bibles: Matthew 18:10-14 & Luke 15: 3 -7


Jesus leaned closer to hear the man with snow coloured hair and crinkled skin who had just asked him a question.

“Could you please repeat the question?” Jesus asked him.

Everyone around him were talking and it was hard for Jesus to hear those sitting close by.

The corner of the man’s eyes wrinkled and he gave Jesus a toothless grin. He nodded, “Could you tell us a story- One of your parables?”

Jesus smiled and squeezed the old man’s shoulder, “Of course.” He said standing up and moving to a higher section of the rock – he wanted everyone to hear him.

Jesus looked around – There were tax collectors, Pharisees, teachers of the law, shepherds, rich investors and more.

His eyes rested on the shepherds in the crowd – they were hard working men who spent day and night looking after their sheep. They gave their all for them. Jesus looked in the distance at the wide-spreading tablelands of the Jordan. Green thick grass decorated the ground and sheep happily feasted there. Jesus turned his head and saw the dark narrow valley with steep, rocky walls near the mountains. It was that place where many of the sheep got lost and died.

Jesus opened his mouth to speak and began telling the story of Levi the shepherd.


Levi opened the gate and got ready to start counting his 100 sheep.

His brother Caleb went back to the field to make sure that none were left behind. The soft light of his lamp twinkled in the distance as he moved about gently sending them to Levi.

Levi smiled and looked down at his sheep. “Ok girls and boys, time for bed. Let’s see who’s here.” Levi grabbed his staff, lifted it in his hand and started calling out their names one by one – pointing at each one as they came through the gate.…

“Good night woolly, baba, snowy, butter. “He began.

The sheep answered their goodnights too.

Baaa baaa baaaa

“Don’t be cheeky Fluffy and Smokey.” He said as two of the younger sheep tried to hide behind the gate.

“Come on….quick… in you go.” He gently patted their soft heads.

Baaaa baaaa

“Curly move along you’re holding everyone behind you.”

Curly the biggest woolliest and fluffier sheep wobbled through the gate – he was too big and it took him a little longer to get through.

Baaaa Baaaa Baaaa

Levi laughed as Curly finally pushed through – in the distance he heard a wolf howl. 

Then two.

Then three.

“The wolves sound hungry.” Caleb shouted in the distance.

Levi shuddered and looked at his precious sheep – no one would ever get near them! Ever. He would protect them with his life if possible.

Baaaa baaaaa baaaaa

The sound of cuddles bleating brought his attention back to his sheep.

“What’s wrong cuddles?” He asked the little lamb that seemed to be crying as some of the bigger ones pushed past it.

Levi lifted Cuddles in his arms and carried it to safely to his mother.

Other sheep tried to turn back and head back to the field. Levi clicked his tongue and caught their attention, “No running away Cloud and Snowflake. Midnight that includes you too!” He said firmly as he ushered them back through the gate. “There is danger out there and if you’re not in here you will be eaten by wild bears or wolves. Come on, come one, in you go!”

Levi and Caleb continued ushering sheep to safety.

Levi lifted his finger again and counted “99.”

He frowned and looked at his brother, “I counted 99.”

Caleb shook his head, “Nah, that’s impossible – I ushered every single one your  way.” Caleb scanned the dark field, “I counted 100.” He said. “Anyway, who’s missing?”

“Cinnamon,” Levi scratched his head. “I’m going to count again.”

Caleb let out a frustrated breath, “Levi that will take hours! I need to get home to my family. Besides,” He added, “It’s just one sheep. No big deal.”

Levi glared at his brother, “You don’t get it! That sheep is precious. For me it’s not just one. It’s mine!” Levi grabbed his staff again and headed to count the sheep. “Go home to your baby and wife,” He said to his brother. “It’s getting late anyways.”

In the background he heard Caleb begin to count the sheep…”One, two, three, four, five….”

Levi smiled and thanked his brother. Finally they looked at each other. There were only 99 and Cinnamon was definitely missing.

“Caleb, latch the gate well. I’m going to find him.” Levi grabbed another lamp, wrapped a warm cloak around him and took his staff.

“But Levi, it’s dark and cold out there! And didn’t you hear the wolves?” Caleb said anxiously.

Levi nodded, “Yes, I know all that. But Cinnamon is more important to me that I. Go home Caleb. I promise I will be safe.”

In the darkness of the night Levi started his journey.  He shook his head sadly. Cinnamon had always been adventurous and obviously must have seen something that caught his attention and sent him on an adventure.

If only he knew the dangerous out there! Levi thought to himself.

In the shadows Levi could just make out the sharp edges of the rocks – so tall and menacing but breathtakingly beautiful in the daylight.

As he climbed up the narrow dark pathway of the mountain, mysterious and frightening sounds echoed all around him.

Suddenly in the distance Levi heard a lion roar.


The roar reverberated around him; He stopped moving and leaned against a rock – his heart thundering in his chest. It seemed that the wolves and lions were roaming the night.

Taking a big breath, Levi wrapped the cloak tighter around him, tightened the grip on his lamp and continued uphill.

All of a sudden a faint cry in the distance made him freeze.

Did he just imagine the sound?


There it was again. A tiny cry of a sheep.

“Cinnamon! Cinnamon!” Levi shouted. “Cinnamon I’m coming.

He lifted the lamp higher and looked in every shrub and hole he found on the way. He continued following the sound. Climbing the steepest heights.

He came to the edge of a cliff and shone his light –  his precious Cinnamon could be trapped there. The further he travelled the closer the sound became. The sound was closer but it was also really weak. Levi knew what that meant! His sheep was dying.

“No, no. no! Don’t give up Cinnamon! I’m close!” At this stage Levi legs ached from the climb – sweat drenched his face and body and his stomach growled in hunger. But he didn’t care – he couldn’t give up now.

Suddenly he heard it loud and clear.


New energy surged through his body – Levi ran the rest of the way until he came to where the sound was coming from.

He shone his light and there tangled in a thorn bush was Cinnamon. Levi gasped and hurried to his side. Gently he untangled him from the prickly bushes. Cinnamon was covered in scratches and blood wet his fluffy wool.

Tears streamed down Levi’s cheeks as he rescued his little animal.

“Oh Cinnamon.” He whispered picking him up gently and taking him in his arms.” He watched as Cinnamon curled into his chest and closed his eyes. He was safe.

From the Bible

Do you know what happened next? Let’s look in our bibles in

Luke 15:5-7

5 And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6 and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbours together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7 I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

Let’s pray.

PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you so much for giving me the breath of life to live another day for You. Thank you that you care for us so much and rescue us from bad things and from sin. Thank you that you love me even when I don’t do the right thing. Help me to always be covered in your light. Please help me shine out to others for Your sake. Help me to be the child You want me to be. Also, please help me to act the way that Jesus acted when He was on earth. In Your name,



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