The Power of Prayer -Stories


By: Jen

“I call on the Lord in my distress, and he answers me” Psalms 120:1 (NIV)

It was so upsetting! Valentine’s Day was approaching once again, and I was 28 and single. Again. Everywhere I went I’d see red love hearts stuck to windows, heart-shaped chocolate boxes on shelves, and couples walking hand-in-hand. I’d hear romantic songs playing over loud speakers and on the radio. It was getting to the point that all I wanted to do was run away and hide under a rock. Just disappear for a while.

The night before Valentine’s day, I was reading my devotional which reminded me that, when I’m feeling down, the best person to talk to is God. I sometimes find it easier to write my prayers to God in my journal, so that’s what I decided to do. I reminded Him (just in case He’d forgotten) that I was 28 years old and getting to a stage in my life where I’d like to find someone special to love, and for him to love me in return. I revealed to Him that my deepest desire was to get married and have children. I told him that I was fully aware that the most important love relationship in my life was between God and me, but my heart cried out as tears rolled down my cheeks. I need something tangible. Please!

I woke up the next morning and can you believe what God did for me? He gave me a single red rose on my rose bush in the front garden. It was a sorely neglected rose bush because I dislike gardening and don’t have a green thumb. Also, this bush had been barren for a week or so prior to Valentine’s Day. My heart was so overcome with emotion that I cried. God, I prayed, you answered my prayer. You gave me something tangible to remind me that I’m special to you. You love me and haven’t forgotten me. You have definitely made my Valentine’s Day special. Thank you so much!

My rose stayed alive for four weeks and now I keep it in a special place as a reminder of what He did for me that day. It’s been months since this happened and every time I see a red rose on the bush I’m reminded that God loves me. My rose bush has become a symbol of hope: that I don’t need to despair because God knows my heart, my desires, and all I need to do is trust in Him because His timing is always perfect. Jeremiah 29:11-12 says:

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you (NIV).

Thank you, God, for being my comfort when I’m distressed!

My Rock – He can save you from Death

The day was beautiful and crisp. Sunny and bright. Fun and exciting.

Little butterflies danced in Mae’s and Lorena’s stomach as they headed to the river for a church excursion.

The bus was filled with excited teenagers and adults as well as boisterous children.

There was a great atmosphere in the air.

The water came into view and a cheer of delight vibrated throughout the bus. People gathered their belongings and dashed off the bus. A fishing rod almost hit Mae and she quickly ducked to avoid getting a concussion.

Lorena giggled as she grabbed her beach bag and Mae rolled her eyes.

Soon the girls were wetting their feet, splashing water and screaming with delight. 

The cool water felt heavenly and refreshing on their skin. This was the life. The girls stayed close to the edge because Lorena couldn’t swim.

Late afternoon came far too soon, much to everyone’s disappointment. No one felt like going back home yet. But the bus was leaving at a specific time and everyone had to hurry.

The girls headed to the bus with a few of the church members and they chatted about the fun day they had had.

The path that had to be crossed in order to reach the bus was now covered with water because the tide was coming in. Lorena swallowed as she looked at the river on both sides and the narrow path in the middle.

“Is this the only path there is?” Lorena asked a little uncertainly as she stepped onto the path.

“This is it,” Lisa said, ‘but don’t worry honey, the water is still very shallow. Let’s quickly cross and we can reach the bus sooner.”

“Girls be careful as you cross this path,” John warned, “it’s only so wide and we don’t want you to fall into the river!” He laughed in good humour but his wife Lisa glared at him.

Suddenly Lorena lost her footing and fell into the rapid waters of the river. Mae’s heart lurched and she screamed in distress. Her first reaction was that she had to save her! Her sister was drowning! Lorena’s head popped up and down and at times Mae lost sight of her.

With tears streaming down her face Mae didn’t think and jumped into the murky waters and furiously swam towards her sister. Nothing mattered but to reach her. The strong current kept pushing back any advancement she made, but Mae didn’t care. She fought the current and swam furiously.  In the distance she could hear people screaming and yelling. To her? She didn’t know.

Finally panting in exhaustion Mae reached Lorena and in that instance saw the despair, panic and anguish in Lorena’s eyes. She was drowning and she knew that she was going to die in that water. Suddenly Lorena grabbed onto Mae and started pushing her under so she could grab a breath of air.

Mae panicked and started to struggle, but her sister was a little older and stronger and she couldn’t push her off her shoulders.

Mae kicked her feet rapidly and tried to break free, but she couldn’t. From under the murky waters she could see the precious surface of the water, but couldn’t reach it. She was going to die! They were both going to die. Water was filling her mouth and she couldn’t breathe.

Just as Mae was about to give up she felt the weight of her sister come off. Someone had grabbed Lorena and Mae was able to surface. Her mouth wide open as she spluttered and coughed and breathed.

From behind, strong arms grabbed her and she hugged onto his neck for her dear life. It was one of the older guys from church. Mae looked around and saw that another guy from church held onto her sister. She was safe!

Relief shot through her body like a hot electric current. But, they weren’t safe yet. The current was dragging them all further from shore and they were losing strength and grip.

The young man who was holding Mae told her to pray because only God could get them out.

Together they prayed that sweet prayer for safety. Then out of NOWHERE a huge rock came under their feet and they were able to stand firmly onto it. A rock in the middle of a river?

God, their strength and rock, had sent it to them – they were sure. Mae held back the tears of joy and relief as her sister, herself and the guys were able to stand firmly onto the rock – the rock moved with the current and took them safely to the edge of the water.  They jumped off the rock and hurried towards the dry ground – it was wonderful to be standing and to be safe!

Later that night as the girls lay in bed, they couldn’t stop thinking about their horrible experience and how God had saved their lives as well as the guys that had jumped in to rescue them.

They believe that prayer is 100% POWERUFL –

Do you believe that prayer is powerful?

I sure do!

Because I was the girl who was drowning that day.

I was the girl who jumped after my sister Martha Lorena in order to rescue her.

I was the girl who prayed with the young man from church for God to save us.

I was the girl who felt the massive rock come under our feet.

I know that my God is real. I know that my God still does miracles.

Alive -God can save you from an accident

By: Alexandra Simmons

Hey Girls, my name’s Ally. I’m 17 and live in Sydney with my mum Karen and doggy Sean.

On July 1, 2007, my mum and I headed off to a friend’s bonfire party. They owned a farm and plenty of land.

On their property, they had a building shaped like a cow that had once been a restaurant and shop. Now it was closed due to maintenance issues.

I was excited to go exploring so I climbed over a barricade to the front door. There was nothing saying ‘Danger” or ‘Keep Out’. Once inside, I walked around exploring for a long time. 

Soon it was getting late. I found a door that looked like a back exit. It was an old barn door with a wooden panel across it. This door really captivated me – I have no idea why but something was pulling me to open it so I ran down the stairs that led to the door.

BANG! Suddenly, the floor gave way under me and I fell a long, long way down onto cold, hard concrete. I could feel a lot of blood around me and started screaming for help.

I must have passed out because next time I opened my eyes I was in an ambulance. They were telling me everything would be okay. I knew it wasn’t OK. I knew it was bad. My parents were soon by my side, but I thought: I’m not going to make it. God why are you doing this? I’m so young and haven’t even lived my life – yet you’re already taking it from me.

I was badly injured. I had fallen six metres and when I landed broke my hand, fingers, my jaw was broken in three places, and cracked my teeth (I had to have multiple operations to wrap wires around the bones in my jaw). There were disks protruding in my neck, and in my back vertebrae and disks were damaged.

I had to learn how to walk again and had stitches in my chin. I wasn’t a happy chappy, I can tell you! All I can say is that I was lucky to be in such a fortunate country with such great doctors and nurses.

From that night on I was known as the miracle girl. The doctors couldn’t explain how I was still alive. Or how I was walking again.

After that, I became very close to God. I felt I owed him a lot. I would read my bible, go to church every week and give thanks for my life. I hoped things in my life would start going uphill and keep getting better, but I was wrong.

I went back to school to find myself being bullied. They called me ‘Tomato Head’ because in the summer I had to wear a neck brace – and because it was so hot, my face would turn red. This really damaged my self-esteem and I ended up refusing to go to school. I hid inside the house where I felt protected from the hurtful outside world. I got depressed, extremely anxious and became anorexic. 

I got flash backs to the accident. I was a complete and utter mess. I was upset. Where was God? Why wasn’t He my hero? Why didn’t He stop my suffering?

My life revolved around doctor’s appointments and 24/7 pain. I relied on pain killers. Why had God let me live? I’d be better off dead!

One day I received an email telling me that a really close friend of mine, only14 years old, had shot himself. This tipped me over the edge. I tried committing suicide too and ended up hospitalized in a mental health unit where I spent a long time. 

I was so angry with God!

My mum, a woman of God, supported me all the way. Not giving up on me through thick and thin. We are the closest of friends.

She would drive seven hours every weekend to come see me. That’s what I call love. She supported me through my doubting time, wrote me notes, and gave me a copy of GIGI that her friend had passed on to her for me. This is when everything started to click. God loved me and I realized that I could use my testimony to bring people like me to Christ.

I realised that He wants me to help people find themselves again. People like me. I know that I’m meant to be telling you this story, because the amount of times I tried to die didn’t work. It just wasn’t in God’s plans for me.

During my stay in hospital, I connected with a great bunch of kids who, like me, had all sunk to the bottom. They were hurt and didn’t know their purpose. We all helped each other stay afloat.

My passion is to help people get out of that place I was once in; inspire them with my story that they can do it.

You can make it, you just need to believe in yourself and not give up. God has a purpose. He loves you, unconditionally. He is your father and you are his child.

Stay strong through the rough times and you will come out stronger.


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