Wise King Solomon

By Ashlee Price

“Solomon!” Nathan the prophet called out.

Young Solomon was in the woods playing with his friends. They were trying on heavy armour and pretending they were in battle with real swords and shields. Solomon put down his helmet when he heard the sound of his name. “Here I am!”

“Solomon, it is time for you to be anointed the new king of Israel!” Nathan the prophet shouted happily.

Solomon ran to where Nathan was standing with a donkey. When the little grey donkey saw Solomon, it made a funny sound. “Neigh.” Solomon smiled and held out his hand. The donkey moved closer so Solomon could pat its soft head and ears. Nathan then helped Solomon get up onto the donkey. Solomon sat very still while Nathan gently tied a rope which he would use to lead the donkey. Solomon looked down at his friends on the ground. They were smiling at him and when Nathan began to lead the donkey, Solomon’s friends ran along beside, trying to keep up. Solomon listened to the hoofs of the donkey go clip-clop on the stoney path beneath them.

“Where are we going?” Solomon asked.

“We are travelling to Gihon,” the prophet Nathan said with a smile.

The woods where Solomon and his friends had been playing was soon behind them, and they began to enter a city. As they entered the city, Zadok the priest joined the little procession. As they travelled along, lots of people began to follow behind them. Everyone was talking excitedly, wanting to know what was going on.

When they finally reached the place called ‘Gihon’, Nathan the prophet helped Solomon get down from the donkey. All the people and Solomon’s friends crowded around him and Zadok the priest brought out a horn of oil. Solomon knelt down on his knees.

Zadok poured the oil onto Solomon’s head and said, “Solomon, God has made you the new king of Israel.” A trumpet sounded, and all the people standing by played their instruments and sang praises to God. “God save king Solomon!” they exclaimed. Solomon felt very honoured that God would want him to be the next king of Israel.

Solomon’s father, King David, was very old now, and would not be king for much longer. Solomon remembered how King David loved God with all his heart, and Solomon knew that he wanted to love God too. So, while everybody sang praises and played their instruments, the new King Solomon bowed his head. He prayed a prayer in his heart, that God would help him to be a good king to the people.

A few years passed, and Solomon had been a loyal king. Solomon walked slowly through the courtyard of his palace. He was exhausted after a long day of ruling the people. He had answered their questions the best he could, and he had tried to treat everyone equally and with kindness. Now he was tired after talking so much and doing his kingly duties. Solomon walked through his palace and into his bedroom. He smiled gratefully as he looked at his bed, which he wanted to lie down on. But first, he would say his prayers to God like he always did. King Solomon loved God a lot. He knelt down on the mat beside his bed and closed his eyes to pray. He thanked God for the day that he had had, then he got into bed and went to sleep.

That night, as Solomon slept, God appeared to him in a dream. “Solomon, what do you want Me to give you?”

Solomon answered, “Lord, You have made me the king over Your people. But I am like a little child: there are so many things I do not know. Please give me a kind heart and wisdom to know right from wrong.”

God was happy to give Solomon what he had asked for. God said, “Because you have asked for wisdom and not riches, I will give you the wisdom and kindness you have asked for. You will be the wisest man who has ever lived, and who ever will live. And I will give you more than this. I will even give you things that you have not asked for. I will give you more riches and honour than any other king as long as you live. Solomon, if you will walk in My ways, and keep My commandments, just as your father David did, I will give you a long life.”

When Solomon woke up the next morning, he thought about the dream God had just given him. He was overjoyed. He looked out the window and saw the sun rising over the mountaintops. Solomon sang out his praises to God. He felt very honoured that God would give him riches, however Solomon was more thankful that God would give him wisdom to rule the people.

Solomon knew that he needed God to help him be a wise king to Israel. Just like King Solomon, we need God to help us be wise. We need His help so we can know right from wrong. And the wonderful thing is that God is asking you the same question He asked Solomon all those years ago. God wants to do something for you as well. So next time you kneel beside your bed to pray, what will you ask God to do for you? Will you ask Him to make you the best soccer player on your team, or the best piano player in your class? While these things might be nice, let’s instead ask Jesus to give us the wisdom to make good decisions just like King Solomon.

PICTURE CREDIT – Sweet Publishing -Free Bible Images

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