God Gave me Princess

Jorja wanted to have a kitten and she prayed for two years! Her dad was very sure if they should have a kitten at home – because he was worried that it wouldn’t get along with their two Labradors and their 5 chickens. But God provided a kitten that not only got along very well with the chooks, but the Labradors took to her so well that it is not uncommon to find them lovingly licking Princess.

Jorja sent us a little letter a few year ago when she was 6 years old.

“I really wanted a kitten and my dad said “no.” So I prayed for a kitten and when I asked dad again he said “only an old cat.” 

I prayed again and then I asked dad if I could please have a kitten and dad said, “You can only have a male kitten and it has to be for free.”  

I prayed that mum could find a kitten so I could have a kitten of my very own.

God answered my prayer when mum found free kittens on “Gumtree.”  When we went to have a look at them, we prayed that God would help us know which kitten to pick. There was only one to pick and it was a female kitten and my dad said, “Yes.”

God is my very best friend and I love my kitty ‘Princess’ very, very much.”


Chino the cat

“The righteous care for the needs of their animals.” Proverbs 12:10

By: Melissa McKay

Once there was a young girl called Tamasine who asked her mother if she could adopt an abandoned kitten. Tamasine didn’t know how old this little kitten was, but she guessed it was around three weeks old.

After her mother agreed, they went to the pet shop to purchase special kitten formula and a feeding bottle.

Every three or four hours Tamasine fed little Chino warm milk, and she eagerly drank every drop. Tamasine loved that little kitten. She would hug it, play with it, and she let it sleep in a very warm bed that she had made.  Tamasine would also happily clean up its kitty litter. With every kind deed, the little kitten loved Tamasine more and more.

As time passed, little Chino was not so little any more, and she was about to have a family of her very own.

One day, very close to the day she was to have her litter, she went missing. As you can imagine, the family was so very distressed and prayed that God would keep Chino safe and help them find her. On the property where Tamasine lived, it was not uncommon for snakes or large birds to carry away little kittens.

After spending some time looking, God answered their prayer. Chino was meowing at the back door. In her mouth was her prized possession, her first little kitten.

When let inside she headed straight to Tamasine’s bedroom and into the bottom of her wardrobe, a very safe place to raise her kittens. Chino then left the house and returned with yet another kitten, and then another. There were three little kittens in her litter.

The newborn kittens had been licked clean by Chino.  Each of the tiny, fragile kittens only weighed between 100-150 grams. Their little eyes had not yet opened. They could not keep their heads up and they could hardly crawl. They just wanted to stay close to their mother, for she was so warm.

Chino made sure each kitten had a nipple to suck milk. And soon all were sound asleep on the warm blanket Tamasine had put in the bottom of her wardrobe.


Lulu Runs Away

By: Mae Esther

Lulu stretched lazily on her soft, velvet, fluffy purple cushion and purred.

She was bored.

She gazed around and meowed unhappily .

She had lived in the same mint and cream coloured mansion, always.

She had slid down the translucent marble floors, many times.

She had eaten gourmet food from the same porcelain floral dish, all her life.

She had been loved and pampered by her owner, Lady Cordelia Jane Periwinkle, since she was a tiny fluffy kitten.

Life was predictable.

 “Oh my precious Lulu, how are you today my darling?” Perfectly soft hands picked her up and stroked her spotless white fur.

Lulu scrunched up her little face and stared at her owner. Lady Cordelia did love her and Lulu loved her back, but, she was sick of her monotonous, pampered life.

Lulu growled and swatted wildly –  telling her owner everything she wanted changed.

But, Lady Cordelia didn’t understand cat.

“Lulu, you are a little feisty today darling. I will let you be.” Lady Cordelia placed her back on the velvet cushion and walked away.

The doorbell rang. 

Lulu’s ears perked up.

If the doorbell rang, then someone would open the door.

If the door was open, she could finally go on an adventure!

Would she dare?

She glared at her surroundings and hissed. 

Yes she would!

Slowly and silently, Lulu made her way to the front door.

Winston, the butler, was talking to the delivery man and signing some papers.

He didn’t see her.

Lulu slipped past him and fled around  the corner of the house.

The front iron gates were wide open, but, the organic fruit delivery truck was in the way.

Suddenly, Lulu had a brilliant idea.

She would get in the truck and get away faster.

Swiftly, Lulu crept up the ramp and  vanished between some large fruit and vegetable crates.

No one would see her there.

After what seemed forever, the truck finally roared out of the front gate .


The truck driver drove and drove and drove. 

Lulu started getting worried. She needed to get out of the truck pronto!

She made a plan.

As soon as the truck stopped to his next delivery, she would jump out.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the big back doors of the truck swung  open.

Now was her chance.

When the delivery man was busy, Lulu leaped off the truck and ran.

She didn’t look back.

Lulu wasn’t use to doing any sort of high activity. She couldn’t go on, but she couldn’t stop either.

Soft droplets of rain were beginning to fall.

Lulu didn’t want to get wet.

So she kept running.

She hissed and whizzed.

Until, she came to the edge of town.

Lulu looked around.

The houses were…






She LOVED it!

In the distance a dog barked.

Lulu shuddered.

She didn’t like dogs!

peered out. To her surprise and delight it was another cat. The drizzle of rain had stopped but the sky was darkening rapidly.

It looked like a storm was brewing in the distance.

Lulu shivered.

She didn’t like storms.

“Hiya princess.” A rough voice interrupted her thoughts.

Lulu jumped – was it a dog? She closed her eyes and turned around slowly.

She opened one eye and

“Hello.” She said shyly.

The Devon Rex circled around Lulu and looked her up and down, “You’re not from around here.”

Lulu nodded.

“What happened princess, cat got your tongue?” A soft husky voice laughed behind her.

Lulu spun around and gasped. A striking white Siamese glared at her with cold blue eyes.

Lulu swallowed.

“Cut it out Snow!” A deep voice said with authority.

Lulu noticed that Snow stopped when the chocolate brown Havana cat with green eyes, told her off.

“The names Midnight.” He said standing in front of Lulu. “This is Rocky and that’s Snow.”

 “I’m Lulu.”

Snow smirked.

“Where are you from Lulu?” Midnight asked.

“I’m from Hampton Bay.”

Rocky whistled, “You’re  a long way from home. What are you doing in Westwood anyways?”

Lulu told them the whole story of how she had run away.

Snow rolled her eyes and laid on the ground.

“I use to be rich once.” She said, “But I got tired of that hateful life. So, I ran away.” Snow hissed.

“You never went back?” Lulu asked.

“Nah, I have never seen Lady Anastasia again.” Snow yawned, stretched lazily and licked her fur.

Lulu frowned. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to never see Lady Cordelia again. 

“Join my gang.” Midnight said, “You can’t be alone. Too many dogs!”

“Yes, please!” Lulu didn’t like dogs.

 “Hey, your collar is cool!” Rocky said getting closer to see Lulu’s neck.

“It’s called a pendant, dope!” Snow glared. “I had one like that once, engraved with my owners name and all.”

“Mine is engraved too.” Lulu said. “In case I get lost or something.”

Snow growled and ran up ahead.

“Coming?” Rocky asked.

Lulu nodded slowly and ran to catch up with her new friends.

Soft droplets of rain were beginning to intrude again.

Lulu ran faster.

Her stomach rumbled.

“You’re hungry too!” Midnight said, “We’re going to our favourite restaurant for lunch.”

Lulu purred happily. She often went to fancy restaurants with  Lady Cordelia.

Snow laughed, “I think princess isn’t use to our types of restaurants.”

Lulu frowned, what did Snow mean?

Finally, they arrived at a tiny brown building that needed a lot of paint to cover the graffiti-carvings on the walls.

 “Let’s be fast, before the rain gets heavy.”

Midnight motioned for them to move quickly and swiftly to the back of the building.

Overflowing rubbish bins filled with maggots, oozing with flies and rotten food walled the gang.

Lulu gagged.

Rocky jumped on top one of the bins and peered inside. 

He whistled, “Gang, there’s lots to eat. Hold your places while I throw down your food.”


Half a piece of grey scaly fish with googly eyes landed near her paws.

Lulu shuttered.

Lady Cordelia would NEVER feed her something so putrid.

She turned her face away and lifted her little nose in the air.

The other cats devoured their food.

Lulu’s stomach growled. She was STARVING.

 “Princess too scared to eat like us?” Snow mocked.

Rocky laughed. “If you’re gonna survive out here. You go to eat like us.”

“Go on.” Midnight encouraged, “its good.”

“You’re a big scaredy cat!” Snow taunted. “Why did you run away if you want to live the same silly pampered life?” With that she took a huge bite of her fish and, dangled it in front of Lulu before slowly swallowing it.

Lulu hissed at Snow.

She closed her eyes and dug her teeth into the smelly, rotting fish.


“Well done Lulu.” Midnight praised.

Lulu smiled triumphantly, but, her joy vanished.

“Cats!” A booming voice disturbed their feast; A large woman with an enormous stick chased them out. “Shoo, shoo! Get out of my bins. Dirty filthy cats. Go away.”

The stick slightly grazing Lulu’s delicate tail.


The cats ran wildly down the narrow streets.

Lulu tried to keep up.

She huffed and puffed.

Light rain getting heavier.

In the distance she heard the sound of thunder rumbling.

She quivered – she didn’t like thunder.

Lulu looked up at the sky – heavy furious clouds were gathering together ready to burst open with force.

It was going to pour any minute now.

“Let’s hurry before the rain drowns us.” Midnight commanded.

Suddenly, Lulu heard something that paralysed her heart.



The barking was getting closer and closer and closer.

And then… she spotted them.

Two massive black Rottweilers.

Lulu’s stopped breathing and her body began to tremble.

Teeth bare.

Mouth flapping.

Drool dripping.

Furious growling.

They were ready to kill! 

“Lulu run!” Midnight shouted as he darted past her.

“Come on Lulu run!” She heard Rocky yell.

Even Snow bolted down the street shouting, “Come on silly cat – snap out of it – you’re gonna be killed!”

Lulu snapped out of her fear as she saw the dogs getting closer.

Lulu hissed and meowed and speedily followed her friends.

The dogs barked madly.

She couldn’t run as fast as the others and she was falling behind.

She could feel the breath of the dogs near her tail.

Drool fell on her now wet grimy fur.

Lulu screamed, “Gang wait for me!”

Her new friends turned to look at her.

“Please help me!” Lulu cried meowing and hissing desperately.

But they didn’t come to her rescue. They kept running until they disappeared around the corner.

Lulu tried to swat the dogs but it was in vain.

One of the dogs lunged towards her and tried to sink his teeth in her soft flesh.

Lulu growled and spitted at the dogs.

Suddenly a roar of thunder reverberated around them making the ground shake.

Terrified the dogs growled and scrammed   to the other direction.

The skies burst opened and rain gushed down.  Lulu ran trying to find cover.

She was shattered; she couldn’t run any more.

She stopped for a quick breath. 

A car roared past splashing mud all over her once beautiful shiny white fur.

Lulu yelped and scampered.

She ran and ran.

Under narrow tunnels she crept.

Over run down bridges she dashed.

Into dark alley ways she sneaked.

Her mind swirling and twirling with confusion.

She looked to one side and to the other side.

She was absolutely LOST.

Trembling Lulu treaded into another dark alley-way piled with bags of rubbish.

In the distance a dog barked.

Like a lightning flash, Lulu bolted and hid behind the rubbish bags.

wandering outside cat trash can

She didn’t care they stunk.

Afraid and extremely alone, Lulu started to sob.

She was hungry, exhausted, thirsty, filthy, wet, cold, lost and very alone .

Her so called friends hadn’t even cared to rescue her.

Lulu cried louder. Her heart hurt.

She wanted to sink into her soft velvety fluffy cushion and sleep the nightmare away.

She wanted her cream and mint coloured mansion back.

She wanted to slide down the translucent marble floors.

She wanted to eat her delicious gourmet food from her porcelain floral dish.

She wanted to be loved and spoiled by Lady Cordelia.

She wanted to go home!

But exhaustion took over and she curled up into a little ball and cried herself to sleep.


Lulu woke up with a start.

A girl with curly wild hair was stroking her gently.

“Poor little thing, she’s lost.”

The guy with the leather jacket and the long beard leaned closer, “Hey, she had one of those thingy’s around her neck. I bet the owners details are on it .”

In minutes they found the details on her pendant and dialled Lady Cordelia’s number.

Lulu almost fainted with joy. 

It wasn’t long before a limousine pulled up along  the alley way.

The chauffeur in his black and white uniform got out of the limousine and opened the back door.

Lady Cordelia, in her impeccable silk pyjamas and fluffy white slippers, rushed out and dashed to Lulu. 

“Oh my darling Lulu.” She cried taking her in her arms. “I was so afraid. Oh my darling you are safe!”

Lady Cordelia kissed Lulu’s filthy, brown, smelly fur and stroked her gently.

“I love you Lulu.” She whispered. “I’m so glad you have been found.”

Lulu purred softly and leaned into Lady Cordelia heart.

She was safe and sound.


Poppy’s Cat Facts -From Melissa McKay

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