By: Liz

Do you like school? Have you ever been bullied? I have been bullied since the start of the year and I don’t like it. When you are being bullied you should do the hi-five, like at my school. The hi-five is:

  1. Ignore: Ignore the person
  2. Walk Away: Walk away from the person
  3. Talk Friendly: Tell them to stop bulling you
  4. Talk firmly: Talk firmly to that person
  5. Tell the teacher: If you are still being bothered by that student tell the teacher

This is my story of when I was bullied.

I came into my new Year 4 classroom and I was very shy, even though I was excited to meet my new teacher and make new friends.  I saw a girl sitting by herself, she seemed very quiet, friendly and kind, but I didn’t know she was a bully. So I asked if the seat next to her was taken and she said no, so I sat there and then the class started. My new teacher was very nice.

We were given a book to read and share together, but she didn’t share with me, she shared with the person on the other side and ignored me. She didn’t like me so I started to cry. While I was crying I was looking out the window because I didn’t want anyone to look at me, especially the person next to me who was bullying me, she would laugh.

The next time she bullied me was when she was looking at me when we were doing our work and it bothered me a lot so I told the teacher and she got moved.

When she got moved I was very happy because she couldn’t look at me while I was doing my work.

The next time she bullied me or did something that I didn’t like was when I accidently dropped my laptop mouse. She picked it up and started to take the batteries out. Did I like that? NO! I would never let anyone touch my laptop mouse without my permission. I told the teacher and she got in trouble.

If you’re in a situation like mine, just ask God to help you and He will help you fix the problem. Also, talk to someone like parents, teachers or another adult.


By: Emma


My name is Emma and I was really bullied last year in Grade 5. It’s not fun being bullied. I hated going to school. Every morning I would cry and ask mum if I could please stay home, but she said that I had to go to school because she was working and there was no one at home to look after me.

I was teased a lot because I don’t have a dad. My dad left me and my mum, so mum is all by herself. We don’t have a lot of money, so I don’t really have nice and expensive things like some of the girls in my class. When there were special things on at school, like Fathers’ Day, I had no dad to come and spend the day with me. So my mum would come. I loved having her there! But some of the mean girls in my class called me horrible names and said bad things about my dad.

I cried all the time! I didn’t tell mum what happened at school because it would make her sad, but I know that I should have told her. At the end of last year, the meanest girl left school because she was moving somewhere else. I was SOOOO happy because she was the one who always teased me first and everyone else followed.

I’m lucky she left school, but sometimes really mean girls don’t leave school and we have to know what to do if we are being bullied.

I hope that if you are being bullied, you tell someone! Please tell someone you trust. Don’t lose time.


By: Angie

Everything that was everything went wrong in year 3.

Number 1: My parents told me that we were moving houses and that I had to change schools. I couldn’t go to my school anymore. I was really unhappy. I was going to miss my friends so much! I was also really scared to go to a school where I didn’t know anyone at all!

Number 2: I broke my leg and had a cast from my toes to my knee. I couldn’t play, walk, run, play elastics or use my beautiful pink and blue skipping rope – I couldn’t have any fun at all! I was limited to what I could do. I had to use crutches and hop around, everywhere.

Number 3: My bike got stolen – it wasn’t new but it was still good. My dad had to wheel me around his giant bike so that I could ‘ride’ – it was really embarrassing.

And the worst one – Number 4: I met the meanest girl in my new school – Monica!

One day, our teacher Mrs Matly told us to do our running writing really nice and neatly. She said, “Children, please don’t use an eraser. I want you to do your best. If you make a mistake, just put a neat line across it and start underneath or next to it.”

I heard her instructions and I was holding my pencil really well and going really slow so I wouldn’t make a mistake. I was happy that everything was looking great BUT then, I drew the letter m instead of the letter n.


Immediately I reached for my eraser and rubbed out my mistake.

Oh no. I remembered too late that I wasn’t supposed to rub out.

I quickly hid my eraser in my pencil case and sat still with my heart thumping in my chest.


At least my teacher hadn’t seen me.

I promised that I would do better next time.

SUDDENLY it happened.

Monica’s hand shot up.

“Yes Monica?” Mrs Matly said.

“Mrs Matly,” Monica started to say. Everyone in the class stopped what they were doing to see what she was going to say. “Angie used her eraser to rub out!”

Monica turned her big brown eyes to me and smiled sweetly.

I gasped!

My mouth almost fell to the floor.

What! How dare she! What. I couldn’t believe how mean she was.

I had accidently rubbed out – not on purpose.

Mrs Matly walked over to my desk and looked at my book, “Is that true Angie?” I opened my mouth to lie but a soft yes came out instead.

Mrs Matly’s face looked disappointed; she stuck out her hand and waited until I gave her my eraser. Reluctantly, I put it on her palm – she closed her hand and walked away.

She confiscated my berry smelling eraser!

Mrs Matly walked to her desk and placed it in a tall glass jar. And there stayed my sweet scented eraser for the rest of the year.

Every chance that Monica got, she always telling on me – her beady eyes always seeing all the mistakes I made.

Mrs Matly’s glass jar was filled with my pretty stationary. Sparkly pencils, scented erasers, polka-dotted rules, stickers, sharpeners. I was getting angrier and angrier. I wanted my things back.

I was really upset and hated going to school and seeing Monica. She was a mean girl and a teacher’s pet! I had to tell someone and finally after a lot of courage I told my mum.

My mother didn’t say much – but that week she went to see Mrs Matly and they had a good chat.

I don’t know what they talked about, but, I remember my mum coming home with all my sparkly stationary things in a little bag.


The next day, Monica had been moved from the back of the classroom and was now sitting at the front of the class, closer to the teacher’s desk. There she couldn’t see what other students were doing.

I never got in trouble with my teacher after that – well, I did sometimes but not because of Monica – sometimes I would lean over and whisper something to my best friend Lisa, and Mrs Matly would tell us to be quiet!

But, besides that, never again.

I was glad I told an adult about it because adults are almost always able to help us when we can’t help ourselves.

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