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Lauren’s 7 year old daughter asked her something shocking – She said, “Mom, why are boys more important than girls?” Lauren was completely shocked! She asked her why she asked that question and her daughter replied,“It just seems like God thinks that boys are more important than girls because all we learn about in church are boys.”

AND so was birth the bible story book ‘SHEros of the bible!’ Read her beautiful interview below. We believe EVERY little girl should have this book!



SHEroes of the Bible:Women of the Old Testament is the first and only book I have written, though I am now working on the New Testament book of the series. The book was birthed through a conversation I had with my then 7-year-old daughter. We were on our way to church when my daughter asked me, “Mom, can I ask you a question?”

I said, “Of course!”

She said, “Mom, why are boys more important than girls?”

I was completely shocked! I asked her why she asked that question and

she said, “It just seems like God thinks that boys are more important than girls because all we learn about in church are boys.”

I told her about all the strong and amazing women in the Bible and she had only heard of a couple of them. As I began to do research of purchasing a book for her, I couldn’t find any children’s books that highlighted the bravery and strength of the women in the Bible. That was when I felt like I was supposed to teach her the stories of the women in the bible who faced incredibly scary situations but chose to trust in God instead of cower to fear.

I quickly realized that many girls needed to hear that God could use them, just as he used the women in the bible to do world-altering and heroic things. I wanted to teach the women’s stories, not just to my daughter, but to every girl who knows she is destined for something great. There are a couple of devotional questions at the end of each story to help children apply the principles of the story to their own lives.

I wrote this book for my daughter but it quickly became clear that God meant it for his children all over the world.

Tell us about your book series – What makes them different from books or series out there?

There are no other children’s books, that I could find, that have been written highlighting the heroic women of the bible. I found none that emphasised their bravery in the face of fear. In today’s world, we all face fear, whether it is fear of what other’s think about us, fear of truly being ourselves, or even fear of retribution for sharing the gospel (as in certain countries around the world.) Secondly, I felt passionate about reflecting cultural diversity in every image so that children from all over the world could see themselves in the stories. When I was looking for a book to teach my daughter about the women of the Bible, the only children’s books I found had Caucasian images, which are not only inaccurate (as the stories from the Bible took place in the Middle East) but they unintentionally excluded other cultures.

Here are a few things that mark a SHEro:

Satisfied only in God – SHEroes want the Lord more than anything else in this world. They hunger and thirst for more of God, just like we hunger and thirst for food and water.

Heart to do what He asks – SHEroes find joy in doing what God asks them to do and they love to tell everyone what He has done for them.

Ears to hear him speak – SHEroes listen to what God says in all situations.

Rescuer – SHEroes believe that God is their rescuer and they do not let fear stop them from helping rescue others.

Obedient to God – SHEroes let go of what they want so they can do what God says is best. They are brave and courageous as they trust God.

Why was it important to get this message out?

I feel it is invaluable for children to know that they can be used by God to do great things. The women in the Bible were just people, like you and me. They were fearful at times (and for good reason!) but they trusted in God, even in the face of their fear. That’s what makes them brave. That’s what makes them SHEroes! I have been amazed by the response this book has gotten from girls in America but also from all over the world. I had a woman contact me from India who shared that in her country, women are not allowed to preach or teach and she has found much encouragement from my book. She and her husband are evangelists in their region and this book has reminded her that God calls both men and women to his service. This message is very personal for me. Sadly, like many children, I was sexually abused as a young child and lived, from that point forward, bound by fear. It was not until I learned that the Lord’s love is stronger than fear that I found breakthrough. My breakthrough came through the stories of the men and women in the Bible who experienced God’s love and freedom in the midst of their difficulties. I want young and old to know that God can bring redemption and healing to the deepest parts of their hearts, where shame or regret dwell. His love changes everything!

How long does one book take you to write?

My book took me about four months to write. I spent many hours, after my children went to bed, writing and rewriting these stories. It was an overwhelming passion and it was on my mind day and night until it was completed.

What has the response been like for these books?

Incredible! Women from all over the world are longing to hear that they are relevant and are called by God to have a powerful ministry for Him. Missionaries to Africa, Europe and Asia have brought my book to their countries to share the hope and truth of the gospel with their people there. Though the stories in my book are of the women of the Old Testament, every story points to Jesus and the good news of salvation.

What does success mean to you?

Success for me is that women and girls all over the world would have the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus. That good new includes that they are valuable, called and set apart for greatness. He wants them to trust him and join him on the adventure of a lifetime, as they renounce their fears and find their significance and confidence in Him.

Who inspired you to follow your dreams?

My mother, father, sister and husband have been inspirational to me, always telling me that my dreams are attainable and doing all they can to help make them happen. My modern day SHEro is Corrie Ten Boom, a woman who not only lived through the horrors of a concentration camp during World War 2, but who chose to live her life fearless from that point forward. She became a missionary of hope to countries all over the world, sharing her story and the good news of Jesus with all who would listen. She changed the lives of millions of people because she said no to fear and yes to faith in Jesus. Corrie could have lived defeated and broken by all she saw and experienced in the camps, but she instead chose to trust in her God who she learned was stronger than anything else.

What advice do you wish you had 5 years ago?

Five years ago, I was in the thick of raising two children and was exhausted, depressed and filled with anxiety. There was no way that I ever saw myself writing a book or doing anything heroic. For anyone who may be feeling that way, I want you to know that we are on an adventure with the Lord. Sometimes parts of our story are dark and depressing but the Lord promises to bring hope to every heart that looks to Him for breakthrough. He writes our story and He always gets the victory, no matter how dark, scary or difficult the journey is.

What do you do when you feel uninspired?

When I feel uninspired I always turn on worship music! Worship points our hearts to Jesus and reminds us that He is greater than anything else we may be facing.

What can you not live without?

I LOVE reading people’s stories of triumph during extreme hardship. Stories of people like Immaculee Ilibagiza, who survived the Rwandan genocide and brought her story of hope to the world. I come alive when I read how God makes himself so real to those who are desperate to find Him.

Finish this sentence “Above all else…the Lord’s love is greater than your fears.”

What’s your favourite bible verse?

My favourite chapter of the Bible is Psalm 18. This chapter is a story of hope in the midst of despair. I couldn’t choose just one verse in the chapter because it is a journey. The writer felt as though he was drowning in deep waters but the Lord heard his cries for help and rescued him. It says that the Lord set his feet upon a rock and he equipped his hands for battle. By the end of the story, the man, who was once desperate and lost, is now empowered to live in the freedom of the Lord’s love!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Currently my husband and I are starting a church in Washington State, here in America. We are only four months into pioneering this journey and are excited to see all that the Lord wants to do here in our city! I hope for great things and for many to come to know the God who can set the captives free!

Finish this sentence…’I can’t start my day until….?’

I’ve eaten breakfast! My husband and children know that I get “Hangry” when I’m hungry!

How can our lovely mothers contact you? What’s your social media handle and website?

My website is sheroesofthebible.com or you can find me on Facebook as “Sheroes of the Bible” or on Instagram as “sheroes_of_the_bible”

Where can we purchase your books?

You can purchase my book on my website at sheroesofthebible.com or on amazon.com

Any other words you’d like to add?

Thank you so much for your interest in my book! I pray that those who read it will be encouraged by the faith of these brave women and that you would know that God desires to do great things through you today!


Thank you Lauren. May God continue blessing your writing!


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