The Masked Reality: Navigating the Pressure to Pretend

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Question–have you ever faked a happy photo on social media when in reality you’re feeling really bad or sad? Story Zoe rolled her eyes at each photo she scrolled through on social media feed–she paused at the photo of a family – she felt sick looking at their faces and fake smiles. Not that anyone […]

The God Who Notices: Discovering God’s Care in the Details of your Life

may 26

Question–Does God really care about the little things in our lives? Listen to Bible Boost with Rosanne (audio above) I really like Rosanne’s story about the Maths test and how God helped her. Sometimes we feel God has more important things to do, and we shouldn’t bother him–but you need to remember that if something […]

In the Pew: Dealing with Church Cliques

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Intro: Question–Do you think clicks exist in church or is everyone too Christian to go through that? Story Morgan waved to the new girl and motioned for her to come and sit with them at the table where the praise and worship team sat looking at a list of songs for the new year. “What […]

Diary of a Wimpy Brave Girl- Part 1– The New Girl

April 5-Dear Diary, I’m fuming! You won’t believe what’s happened today. So, there’s a new girl at school – she arrived today, and she is awful and I hate her. I hope she crawls back into the hole she crawled out of! Ok, but let me start at the beginning and why I’m so mad. […]

The Creepy Guys -No Flowers

by Abigail Duman Evening shadows fell as a white van pulled close to the curb. Teens who had been selling Christian books door-to-door began to file inside. Amy glanced at the familiar group, then turned and shouldered her backpack. “Shall we stop at one more house before we finish for today, Melissa?” Her selling buddy […]

Let’s FACE it – Pimples

Jana Meldt – Lifestyle Counsellor It’s the big day, you look in the mirror and there it is – a whopping pimple. They always seem to appear out of nowhere, unexpected and unasked. A pimple results when excess oil gets trapped in the skin’s pores. The dreaded bumps are caused by a blockage to the […]

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