Diary of a Wimpy Brave Girl- Part 1– The New Girl

April 5-Dear Diary,

I’m fuming! You won’t believe what’s happened today. So, there’s a new girl at school – she arrived today, and she is awful and I hate her. I hope she crawls back into the hole she crawled out of!

Ok, but let me start at the beginning and why I’m so mad. The day started as normal and cool – I hung out with my friends before roll mark and chatted etc. Anywho, as we headed (by we I mean my bestie Rosa and Jess) we headed to first period which was English – we saw Mr Casio – the deputy principal. He was with a new girl – we could tell she was new cause we’d never seen her before, and our school is tiny. We know everyone! Mr Casio waved and called us over.

“Good morning girls.”

“Hi Sir.” We chorused curiously keep an eye on the new girl.

She didn’t say anything. She just stared at us with an unsmiling face. Her huge hazel eyes looked us up and down with snooty eyes. I gaped. Are you serious!? Ok so maybe I imagined it and wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I turned to Mr Casio and listened to what he was saying, “Can you be Carmen’s buddy please. She has just moved from up north and needs to be looked after. I know you girls will look after her.” Mr Casio smiled and turned to Carmen.

“You’re in good hands Carmen. These girls will look after you. Anything you need, just ask them. Enjoy your first day.”

Carmen turned and flashed him a smile, “Thank you sir.”

Soon he was gone.

“Hi Carmen, I’m Rosa, this is Jess and Leah.”

We all said hi and waited for her to tell us what she had first.

Reluctantly, she took her timetable and showed us.

“Uh, you have English with us and you’re in our class.” Jess said.

Carmen nodded, “So where do I go?” Her husky prim voice asked.

“Follow us.” Rosa gestured with her hand to follow us.  I walked next to Carmen – you know, trying to be nice and asked her a few questions.

 My eyes rounded when she told me what school she came from – only the most prestigious, snobbiest school on the north side.

“So, how come you moved?” I asked.

“My dad has just set up a multimillion-dollar business and needs a ton of space for it, and so now I’m stuck in this dessert hole.” She looked around with disgust. “I hate country towns! I hate this school.” She lifted her nose in the air and hurried in front.

My mouth fell to the ground, literally. Excuse me? How rude.

For the rest of the day, I barely spoke to her. Rosa and Jess did all the chatting. She hated the whole day and probably us. She gagged at our tuckshop food. She grabbed a tissue and cleaned the bench we were gonna sit on. She picked up her books with two fingers completely grossed out and she refused to play basketball in P.E – she asked if we had horse riding instead. Hah!

I had to walk away before I punched her – Rosa on the other hand tolerated everything she did. Rosa is just too nice! She’s the type of person that shows Jesus in everything she does. I wish I could be more like her.

So, I hated today – I hated Carmen and I hope she doesn’t come back. I don’t want to be her buddy anymore. Grr! She’s arrogant and a total snob and jerk. Although Rosa told me not to talk about her like that. She said, “Leah, God wants us to be nice. She could be going through some really tough stuff. Just give her a chance.”

I rolled my eyes, waved goodbye to Jess and Rosa and walked home. I hope tomorrow never comes! Ugh.

And he gives grace generously. As the Scriptures say, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6  (NLT)

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