Diary of a Wimpy Brave Girl- Part 3 – The Gossip

April 7- Dear Diary,

I stuffed up real bad at school today! Mr Casio and Mrs Toren the principal, want to see me in their office tomorrow morning. I think I’m gonna get expelled! I’ve cried all afternoon and it’s completely my fault. What was I thinking? This is so not me.

Let me start at the beginning. So, yesterday after I found out the big goss about Carmen and her dad, I was paralysed. I didn’t tell anyone anything – I couldn’t. Anyways, I couldn’t wait to tell my friends – I had to tell Jess and Rosa. They needed to know the goss about her.

I was at my lockers when Jess turned up.

“Hey Leah.” She smiled and opened her locker door.

“Jess!” I looked around to make sure no one was around. “I have some goss to tell you! It’s HUGE!”

Jess brown eyes rounded, “What? Who?” She shut her locker with a thud and leaned over, “You need to tell me!”

I looked from side to side one last time and saw that the coast was clear, “It’s about Carmen.” I began until I had spilled the whole conversation I had heard the day before.”

Jess’s eyes bulged and she slapped her hand over her mouth. “Are you sure?” She mumbled.

I nodded, “I heard every word.”

Just then Rosa appeared with her gorgeous curls tied with a ribbon and a big smile on her dimpled face. “You guys, I just found out…”

“About Carmen?” Jess and I chorused.

Rosa frowned, “Um no. I found out what I got in my science…” Her voice trailed off, “What do you mean Carmen? What happened.”

“You’re not gonna believe what I found out!!” I shrieked. And out came the goss.

Rosa gasped, “Oh no, poor thing! That’s awful.” Her face saddened, “No wonders she’s so serious and..”

“Rude.”  I added crossing my arms across my chest.

The bell interrupted whatever Rosa was going to say.

Soon the chaos of the locker room echoed around my ears and we bolted to roll mark.

In roll mark I saw Alisa and she waved. I waved back and mouthed

‘I have some goss to tell you!’

Her eyes widened and did thumbs up.

I mouthed again, ‘I’ll tell you at recess.’

She grinned.

The first two periods dragged forever, and I couldn’t’ wait for recess to come. I had news to deliver!

I looked for Carmen, but she was away. It was probably jail visiting day. A sudden guilt washed over me – that hadn’t been nice at all. Stop it! I told my brain. Stop it!

As soon as she bell rang for recess, I headed to my locker and grabbed the books I needed for the next two classes. I gulped down a few protein balls and some water and headed to see Alisa and her group.

The girls said hello and made room for me to sit.

“Alisa says you have goss?”Marla grinned and looked at her friends.

I nodded, “Yes! Big goss. So…” I began. The six girls leaned in mesmerised as I spoke.

“No way!” Alisa exclaimed.

“All true. I heard her in the bathroom yesterday.” A tinge of proudness in my voice.

The rest of the break we gossiped about Carmen and Alisa even got her phone out to see if she could find some info on Carmen’s dad.

No luck.

If he was a millionaire, they probably kept it quiet.

If he was a millionaire, they probably kept it quiet.

Alisa zipped her lips and pretended to throw away the key. “My lips are sealed.” She promised.

The bell rang and I headed to my classes. Feeling so knowledgeable and on top of things.

Rosa was waiting for me in as I rounded the corner, “Hey!” I grinned.

She didn’t smile back, “Leah, did you tell Alisa and her friends about Carmen?”

“Um…yes. Why?” I fumbled with the zipper of my backpack.

“I can’t believe it! Those girls like to gossip remember? They’re going to spread it all around the school!”

“I don’t think they will.” I frowned. Alisa wouldn’t – she was my friend. “I told them not to tell anyone.” I stopped and stared at Rosa.

Rosa shook her head, “You shouldn’t have told them in the first place.” With that she walked away and left.


I grabbed my books tighter against my chest, lifted my head and headed to class. Rosa was being a drama queen.

Something must have between lunch and home time, but by the end of the day, everyone knew that Carmen’s dad was in jail and she had been expelled from Bellamont Academy.

I wanted to die.


The bell for home time rang and I heard my name over the loud speakers.

The receptionist was calling me.

I almost ran to the office – something felt off.

“Hi Mrs Tegan, you called me to the office?” I was breathless.

She smiled, “Hi Leah, thank you for coming up. Could you come straight to the office tomorrow morning please? Mrs Mayers and Mr Casio would like to talk to you before roll mark.”

I inhaled, “Do you know why?”

She shook her long ponytail, “Sorry darling, I don’t know why.”

“Ah ok. Thank you.” As if in a trance, I walked out of the office. Deep down I knew why. I was getting expelled for gossiping. God, I whispered, help me.

In their hearts they plan to do evil. All they talk about is making trouble. Proverbs 24:8

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