Saved from drowning

The day was beautiful and crisp. Sunny and bright. Fun and exciting.

Little butterflies danced in Mae’s and Lorena’s stomach as they headed to the river for a church excursion.

The bus was filled with excited teenagers and adults as well as boisterous children.

There was a great atmosphere in the air.

The water came into view and a cheer of delight vibrated throughout the bus. People gathered their belongings and dashed off the bus. A fishing rod almost hit Mae and she quickly ducked to avoid getting a concussion.

Lorena giggled as she grabbed her beach bag and Mae rolled her eyes.

Soon the girls were wetting their feet, splashing water and screaming with delight. 

The cool water felt heavenly and refreshing on their skin. This was the life. The girls stayed close to the edge because Lorena couldn’t swim.

Late afternoon came far too soon, much to everyone’s disappointment. No one felt like going back home yet. But the bus was leaving at a specific time and everyone had to hurry.

The girls headed to the bus with a few of the church members and they chatted about the fun day they had had.

The path that had to be crossed in order to reach the bus was now covered with water because the tide was coming in. Lorena swallowed as she looked at the river on both sides and the narrow path in the middle.

“Is this the only path there is?” Lorena asked a little uncertainly as she stepped onto the path.

“This is it,” Lisa said, ‘but don’t worry honey, the water is still very shallow. Let’s quickly cross and we can reach the bus sooner.”

“Girls be careful as you cross this path,” John warned, “it’s only so wide and we don’t want you to fall into the river!” He laughed in good humour but his wife Lisa glared at him.

Suddenly Lorena lost her footing and fell into the rapid waters of the river. Mae’s heart lurched and she screamed in distress. Her first reaction was that she had to save her! Her sister was drowning! Lorena’s head popped up and down and at times Mae lost sight of her.

With tears streaming down her face Mae didn’t think and jumped into the murky waters and furiously swam towards her sister. Nothing mattered but to reach her. The strong current kept pushing back any advancement she made, but Mae didn’t care. She fought the current and swam furiously.  In the distance she could hear people screaming and yelling. To her? She didn’t know.

Finally panting in exhaustion Mae reached Lorena and in that instance saw the despair, panic and anguish in Lorena’s eyes. She was drowning and she knew that she was going to die in that water. Suddenly Lorena grabbed onto Mae and started pushing her under so she could grab a breath of air.

Mae panicked and started to struggle, but her sister was a little older and stronger and she couldn’t push her off her shoulders.

Mae kicked her feet rapidly and tried to break free, but she couldn’t. From under the murky waters she could see the precious surface of the water, but couldn’t reach it. She was going to die! They were both going to die. Water was filling her mouth and she couldn’t breathe.

Just as Mae was about to give up she felt the weight of her sister come off. Someone had grabbed Lorena and Mae was able to surface. Her mouth wide open as she spluttered and coughed and breathed.

From behind, strong arms grabbed her and she hugged onto his neck for her dear life. It was one of the older guys from church. Mae looked around and saw that another guy from church held onto her sister. She was safe!

Relief shot through her body like a hot electric current. But, they weren’t safe yet. The current was dragging them all further from shore and they were losing strength and grip.

The young man who was holding Mae told her to pray because only God could get them out.

Together they prayed that sweet prayer for safety. Then out of NOWHERE a huge rock came under their feet and they were able to stand firmly onto it. A rock in the middle of a river?

God, their strength and rock, had sent it to them – they were sure. Mae held back the tears of joy and relief as her sister, herself and the guys were able to stand firmly onto the rock – the rock moved with the current and took them safely to the edge of the water.  They jumped off the rock and hurried towards the dry ground – it was wonderful to be standing and to be safe!

Later that night as the girls lay in bed, they couldn’t stop thinking about their horrible experience and how God had saved their lives as well as the guys that had jumped in to rescue them.

They believe that prayer is 100% POWERUFL –

Do you believe that prayer is powerful?

I sure do!

Because I was the girl who was drowning that day.

This is me Esther

This is my sister Martha Lorena

I was the girl who jumped after my sister Martha Lorena in order to rescue her.

I was the girl who prayed with the young man from church for God to save us.

I was the girl who felt the massive rock come under our feet.

I know that my God is real. I know that my God still does miracles.


Written by: Mae Esther 

Special effect editing: James Wagner

music credit: http://www.purple-planet.com/ 

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