Under the sea with Splash the little Seahorse

By Esther & Steph

Below the waters of the deep blue Sea, lived Splash, a tiny seahorse.

Early one morning, Splash glanced up to the waters above. It looked so pretty with the rays of the sun splashing and creating a rainbow of light below. He loved his home, but lately he had been a little unhappy.

Hidden in the seagrass beds, he admired Ophelia, the octopus, one creature of the deep. He sighed. His heart felt sad. Why did he have to be so small? How he wished to be strong like Ophelia with her eight groovy arms, which she used to move rocks to build her den.

“Ophelia, how did you become so strong?” he asked. 

“God made me this way,” She said.

Splash continued swimming sadly beneath the waters and paused when he saw a school of fish following the gliding, elegant Marco, the Manta Ray.

“Hi Marco! Where are you going?” Splash asked.

“I’m guiding these lost fish to their destination and to safety. I’m using my mental map skills.” Marco said proudly.

Wow, thought splash. “How do you do that?”

“God made me that way,” Marco said and continued with his mission.

“I wish I had a great mental map to guide others to safety,” splash lamented.

Feeling deflated, he continued swimming along. In the distance, he saw Tilly, the sea turtle, she propelled through the water using her powerful front flippers.

“Hi Tilly.” Splash called. “Where are you going in such a hurry?

“Hi splash, I can’t stop to chat today – it’s nesting season and I need to get to land.”

Splash groaned. “Tilly, how can you live on both land and under the sea?”


“God made me that way,” she replied.

Oh, how he wished he could get to land. Why did he have to be so tiny, a slow swimmer, and so different from all his friends?

Sadly, he went and hid amongst the coral. There, he could camouflage and hide from the ocean world. Suddenly, he stopped when he heard a low, sonorous rhythmic sound. It was Wilber, the whale.

“Wilber, what are you doing?” Splash asked.

“Oh, hi Splash, I’m talking to my family.”

Splash was very confused. “But they’re not here.”

“That’s right. My family live miles away – but they can hear my song for miles and miles. That’s how we communicate.”

“Oh wow, how do you do that?” Splash was more curious than ever.

“God made me that way,” Wilbur boomed and continue singing.

Early the next day, before the sun brightened the ocean below, Splash nestled amongst the coral, feeling sorry for himself. What could he do to be special? His thoughts swirled and twirled in his head.

 All of a sudden Splash heard movement in the water and saw two dark figures descending into the darkness below.

Splash became still.

He waited and camouflaged himself from the colour of the seagrass. He observed as the dark figures tied a large net amongst the coral reefs. 

Oh, no! Fish hunters!

They were going to catch and kill the ocean creatures. His friends wouldn’t be able to see the translucent net in the dimness of the waters and they would be captured!

He had to do something, but what could he do? He was so small and such a slow swimmer.

Suddenly, he remembered Wilbur the whale. He could help him! Splash swam as fast as he could and found Wilbur.

“Wilbur! Wilbur! Fish hunters!” Splash cried, puffing and huffing.

Wilbur’s eyes widened in shock.

“Quick, warn everyone with your loud song – tell the sea creatures there’s danger!”

Wilbur nodded and began the warning sound. His song echoed and reverberated through the depths of the sea.

Immediately, from every nook and cranny, the sea animals scurried, swam, and propelled to safety.

“Come on Splash, jump on my back and let’s escape!” Marco the Manta Ray shouted above the noise. Splash hopped on and Marco glided to safety.

That night, with everyone safe and sound, Wilbur the whale told the sea creatures what Splash had done.

Everyone cheered and thanked him. Splash blushed, but his heart rejoiced. He was small. He wasn’t a good swimmer. But God had used him in a big way to save all the creatures of the ocean. 


So, remember that even though you are children and might feel small, God can still use you to do big things! 

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