Screen Queens Unplugged: Breaking Tech Habits

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Question – Are you tech obsessed? How do you know if you are? Do you constantly find yourself scrolling through social media and feel empty?


Paige chewed on another fry waiting for Imogen to finish texting. Paige and her family were visiting for the week and catching up with friends and relatives. It was so good to see everyone again and today Paige was meeting up with her good friend Imogen.

Feeling her stomach rumble Paige decided to pick up her burger and begin to eat. Imogen was busy with her phone. Again.

Paige had been dropped off at the shopping mall at 9:30 that morning outside the juice hut where Imogen had been waiting, on her phone. They hugged and decided to catch up while walking around and maybe buying a cute new dress for church. But during their walk Imogen half listened, half talked; she was too busy on her phone. Paige stayed quiet for a bit looking around at the people passing by.

With their favourite clothing shop ahead, Paige suggested having a look. Imogen agreed and followed, glancing up to walk in but then went back to whatever she was looking at.

Paige had watched in amazement as Imogen scrolled with one hand and flicked through clothes with the other.

They had walked in and out of other stores, but nothing changed, and it felt like Paige was shopping alone.

By 11am they were ready for lunch and Paige couldn’t wait to ask Imogen how things were going at school and church. Was she still crushing on Dylan?

But here they were Paige almost finished and Imogen skillfully eating with one hand while her phone was in the other. Feeling hurt and angry Paige took a sip of her drink. Since when had Imogen let texting and social media consume her time and attention? Should she say something? No what was the point she wasn’t going to leave town with a fight between them.

Paige pulled out her phone and saw 3 social media notifications and a text from her friend Emmy. She knew she wouldn’t check them until she was home because she liked giving her friends her time and attention. Was she being overly sensitive? Imogen’s giggling at her phone had her making up her mind. Sighing, Paige pulled out her phone and texted her mum to pick her up. She was ready to go home.

How does God feel when you spend all your time on technology?

Rejected, because you don’t have time for him. Spending too much time on technology steals the time that belongs to God. He loves you so much that he wants to spend every moment by your side. Besides spending time with God also strengthen your faith, fill you with peace and can you believe it makes you wise?

What can you do about it?

The best medicine is Prayer. Ask the Lord to take away your desire to spend too much time on technology. You can also seek counselling and ask your parents to keep you accountable. There are tons of things you can be doing that don’t involve scrolling through your phone or watching TikTok videos. One thing you can do right away is turn off all your notifications of all the socials. Only leave the text messages and ringtone on. But everywhere else you can turn it off.

You get to be the boss of when you go on social not when the phone dings/pings. You’re pretty much their slaves because you answer their every beck and call.

No, you need to be in charge – don’t give them the power.

And above all prayer – Prayer is powerful – give it a try.

What verse can help your addiction?

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Only He can give a break free. I’m sure many of you want to be free and God can help!

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