Stompy goes to the City

By Martha Hughes

Do you remember Stompy the little elephant? Well, her story hasn’t finished yet – Let me tell you about Stompy’s next adventure.


Deep, deep in the Congo Rainforest of Africa lived a herd of elephants. Papa elephant, Mama elephant, sister elephant and baby elephant, Stompy.


Stompy’s birthday was coming up, and all she wanted was to visit the big city. She had never been to the city before, but, she had heard other animals and other elephants talk about how marvellous the city was. Every time Stompy thought about going for a day trip she trumpeted loudly.

One morning as the sun started to peek from behind the clouds, Stompy’s stomach rumbled.


She was hungry.

“I better eat real quick!” Stompy thought to herself as she made her way into the kitchen and helped herself to some delicious juicy sweet berries.



Wet red juice dripped down her trunk and onto the ground. She was enjoying her fruit so much that she didn’t hear her mama come in.

“Good morning Darling.” Mama said.

Stompy jumped.

“Oh, Good…morning…mama…” Stompy mumbled with a full mouth.

“Stompy, please don’t talk with your mouth full.” Mama said.

Stompy swallowed and apologise to her mama.

“Stompy,” Mama elephant began. “I’ve got a question to ask you.”

Stompy stomped eating.

“Yes?” She squeaked.

“How would you like to visit the city with us on your birthday?”

Stompy eyes rounded, “WHAT? SERIOUS? REALLY?”

Her mother nodded.

Stompy almost burst with excitement.

She trumpeted noisily.

And flapped her ears joyfully!!

Her dream was coming true.

“Thank you mama.” She screamed stomping around the room.


“We leave early in the morning.” Mama laughed seeing Stompy’s excitement.

That night Stompy couldn’t sleep. She snuck outside and looked at the bright round moon shinning from above. The stars twinkled like diamonds. It almost looked like they were winking down at her.

Stompy couldn’t stop thinking about her trip to the city. What an adventure she would have!

Early the next morning Stompy gulped down her breakfast.

“Slow down.”

“Take it easy.”

“Don’t eat too fast!”

Her family all chorused together.

But Stompy didn’t even hear them – her mind was travelling far, far away.

Finally, it was time!

A large herd of elephants gathered at the waterfall and together they headed to the city.

A few hours later Stompy noticed something coming into view and she gasped.

Her eyes rounded.

Her mouth dropped open.

Her trunk froze mid-air.

Her ears perked up.


“Welcome to the city Stompy!” Papa elephant trumpeted pointing with his trunk at the ginormous place in front of Stompy.

Massive wild colourful flowers danced from every angle. Their scent was spicy, strong and delicious. Tall buildings that looked like trees greeted her and all kind of animals roamed the street.

The street was crowded. Had all the animals from the jungle came to visit?

She saw lanky Giraffes, graceful Gazelle’s with their curved ringed horns and tan coats.  A troop of brown furry monkey’s dashed past her.  Black and white striped Zebras accidently bumped into her, but Stompy didn’t care.

She loved the noise, the crowd and the different smells that danced up her trunk.

The herd of elephants all went their own way. Every family had different things to do. After saying goodbye to everyone Stompy and her family headed towards the city park.

“This is the best park in the whole city.” Papa elephant told them.

There were animals playing on the jungle gym, some were galloping, running, stomping or chasing each other. Some were even swimming in the cool sparkly crystal clear water.

Stompy’s mind drifted again to a far, far away place. She imaged she was living in the big rainbow city. Her house would be a very STRONG TALL, TALL, TALL tree with windows, swings, vines, puddles, waterhole and giant doors. 

“Mama, mama.” Stompy said breathlessly, “I want to live in the city. Please can we move here?”

Papa elephant shook his head, “The city is not for us elephants. Our lives are in the rainforest.”

Her sister trumpeted loudly, “I don’t like the city!” She said with force wriggling her trunk in disgust. “Too smelly and too crowded.”

Mama elephant moved closer to Stompy, “Oh darling, the rainforest is a lot better for us. We have space and also a beautiful waterfall.”

Stompy nodded sadly. She knew her home was much better, but, she still liked the big city. Maybe when she was grown up she would move there.

“Stompy,” Sister Elephant said interrupting Stompy’s thoughts. “We are taking you to a special place. But, you need to close your eyes.”

Stompy giggled, “Yay!” She trumpeted happily closing her eyes.

Mama elephant wrapped her trunk around Stompy and guided her down the winding alley to Mrs Antelope’s “INDULGE SWEET SHOP.”

“Can I open my eyes?” Stompy asked for the 10th time.

“Yes!” Everyone chorused.

Stompy couldn’t believe the different kinds of cakes on display.

Stompy picked a chocolate berry pie and a berry milkshake. Her favourite.

Yum, yum, yum

Stompy gobbled every single crumb and slurped all her delicious thick milkshake. She wished her special day would never ever end!

When they finished eating, mama elephant said, “Stompy, we are now going to go and buy your special birthday present.” She began, her eyes twinkling.

“There’s more?” Stompy asked in disbelieve.

“Yes.” Her sister laughed.

“We are going to Mr Bear’s “Art by the hand” shop; I know how much you love to paints and draw.” Mama said.




The art shop was colourful, bright and cheerful, it had massive twirly swirly paintings hanging from the walls. Stompy looked at everything. Finally her Papa told her to pick something she liked. Stompy spotted a beautiful royal blue box (her favourite colour) sitting in the corner of the shop window.

She asked the owner if she could look at it. Mr Bear grabbed the box and gave it to Stompy. She lifted the lid with her trunk and peeked inside. She gasped; it was exactly what she was looking for.

Inside the box there were different colour paints, brushes, colour pencils, erasers, ruler, glue, a sketchbook and glitter.

Stompy didn’t need to look further – this was the perfect gift.

Her own art studio in a box.

“Happy birthday Stompy!” Her family trumpeted in unison.

“We hope you have loved your special day in the city.” Her mama said.

“Oh yes!! It has been awesome!! Thank you Mama, thank you papa and thank you Sis for giving me the best day ever!”

The elephant family leaned close and cuddled each other.

Stompy let out a thunderous roar, stomped her feet and flapped her ears.

She was so very happy!

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