The Mystery Friend Part 2

I ran into the library at 8:30am, grabbed my book from the shelf and found the note.

My favourite colour is purple and my favourite food is pizza. What’s yours? ♥e

I wrote back.

I love pizza too! Do you like reading? ♥ Liv

I folded the long paper and put it back in the book and placed the book on the shelf. I couldn’t wait for lunch to come.


The bell rang, I grabbed my pencil to go out but Miss Melody stopped me.

“Olivia, do you have your poem?”

I gasped, Oh no! I had forgotten to finish it for homework.

“Sorry Miss Melody, I forgot.” I mumbled looking at the door. My note was waiting for me. I wasn’t happy.

“Eat your lunch and come straight up to finish your poem please.”

This was no fair! I felt like crying. Today I wouldn’t read my note.

At 8:30 am the next morning I ran into the library.

“Olivia, no running please!”

“Sorry Mrs Stacey.” I brisked walked to my bookshelf and took the note from the book.

Sorry you had to stay in the class yesterday. I hope it wasn’t too awful! I love to read – especially mystery books! What do you like to read? ♥e

I smiled. I loved mysteries too! Hold on, how did e know I stayed in class? Was he or she in my class too?

Suddenly I was excited!

Are you in my class? ♥ Liv

I tucked the note neatly inside and couldn’t wait to see what E replied.

The next day, I ran out of the class and straight to my bookshelf. What! Oh no, where was my note? I looked and looked – the book wasn’t there! I asked Mrs Stacey if the book had been borrowed, but she said no one had borrowed it.

I felt like the air had been sucked from my lungs. Why was the book missing? During arts and craft class that

afternoon I was sad. My book friend had disappeared with the book.

After school I bolted to the library to see if my book had returned. There was no book but there was a note taped to the shelf.

Hey Liv,
I think we should have lunch together. Meet me at the year 3 lunch table. I will have a purple lunch box. ♥e

I gasped. I was finally going to meet my book friend! Yay. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough.


The lunch bell rang. I almost tripped on the concentre as I ran towards the year 3 lunch table.

I looked around but couldn’t see a purple lunch box. Suddenly a girl moved to the side and I saw the purple lunch box. The girl sitting behind it waved at me. Her sparkly purple glasses shone in the sunlight.

“Elizabeth Stacey?” I said. “You’re my book friend?”

Elizabeth smiled sheepishly, “Yeah, it’s me.” She fixed her glasses. “My mum said that I had to stop with the mystery and talk to you in person. But I LOVE mystery and I just had to do it! I hope you’re not disappointed.”
I shook my head, no never!

I laughed, “I loveeeee mystery too! I think this has been the best mystery ever!”

We both laughed and I sat down to have lunch.I had a good feeling that Lizzy and I were going to be best friends.




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