God’s warrior princess part 1

By Nadelle Manners



Hi My name is Ellyse and I’m in the army – can you believe it?

I chose to be in the army. No, not just any ordinary army, it is the ultimate army. I haven’t had to do an obstacle test or crawl through the mud. I haven’t had to do chin ups, sit ups or push ups and I haven’t even had a doctor check my health to make sure that I am well enough to join. How did I get into this army? Good question!

All I had to do was say I want to join and what do you know, I’m in. I still am not sure how someone my size or age is allowed to be a part of this army but the commander said, “Ellyse you are perfect for the job. You will be greater than great.”
To be really honest, I am both excited and scared at the same time. I don’t know the first thing about being a warrior and I certainly don’t look the part. Actually, are 11 year old girls even allowed to do this sort of thing?

I’m briefed with the mission. The commander has given the order to ‘stand firm against the dark one’. Now I’m worried, but he keeps on saying, ‘do not be afraid, be strong, stand firm, be bold.’

I guess that he can see in me something that I am not sure I can see myself. Oh, wait a minute; he said “Be strong with the mighty power I will give you. Trust me.”

Phew, I thought that I was going to have to be strong all on my own but the commander says that he will give me all that I need to carry out this mission.

The commander says “follow me, I’ll show you where you need to go to pick up you duty gear”.

Army outfits aren’t usually the most attractive clothes. I’m not so sure……I do prefer aqua or lemon or maybe purple rather than dirty camo colours. I just don’t look that pretty in khaki or flak jackets.

We head to the fitting room and there hanging under a sign with my name on it is my duty gear. Not a dull colour in sight. Everything that is for me shimmers with a kaleidoscope of iridescent colours. This is the best army outfit I have ever seen. I couldn’t have chosen anything more amazing myself. It is so beautiful.

The colours seem to be alive. They grow brighter, twinkling and reflecting the one who made them. The commander lays a hand on my shoulder, “go ahead, touch it.” he says, “I made it just your size.”


He instructs, “Make sure that you put on every piece of this armour. You will need it all to resist the enemy. By wearing every piece, I guarantee that you will still be standing at the end of the battle. I have crafted each piece to give you ultimate protection. The tricks and strategies that the dark one may use to bring you down will not be strong enough as long as you keep wearing every piece. Be bold and stand firm, princess warrior.”

I turned and looked into the eyes of my commander. It was at that point that I realised my commander was not the commander of just any army but the ultimate army. He is the King of Kings, the ruler of heaven and earth and he is my Dad, my heavenly Dad that is. I can trust him with my life.

“Time is of the essence. You must assume your position post haste” the Commander declares. With a fatherly reassuring squeeze, he strides off to instruct another newbie cadet “You are prepared.” he calls back, “Remember, I am always with you”. His words echo through the preparation room.

My gaze travels between the back of the Commander and the amazing army outfit I am now wearing. Phew, still no camo colours in sight, just a glistening reflection of the Creator. I am filled with awe for the One who thought it important enough to speak to me and show me Himself how I must prepare.

I’m rather puzzled though as to why the belt was the first piece of armour I had to put on. I don’t know about you but usually when putting on my clothes, a belt is more like an accessory or something to help hold up my jeans. It’s something I put on last not first. The belt the Commander commissioned for me to wear must be different. The one who assisted me in getting my gear on called it the “Belt of Truth”. This first piece of my army outfit must be super important, but why?

“Ellyse, hey Ellyse” Jolted by a voice, I spin excitedly around and come face to face with my gorgeous cousin, Grace. “Hi-ya Cuz. When did you join?” I ask.

“Oh, a while back” she replies as she pirouettes around me.

“Grace, stop, your making me giddy” I laugh as she comes to a skidding halt. “Maybe you can help me with my question. I’m trying to figure out why the Belt of Truth was the first piece of the armour the Commander said I should put on?”

Grace looks down at her own Belt of Truth circling her waist. While attempting to blind me with the belt’s glittering diamonds of light, she says, “Maybe we need to think about some of the words that Jesus spoke like ‘I am the way, the TRUTH and the life (John 14:6)’ and ‘You know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you free’ (John 8:32)”.

“Mmmm…I think I get it!” I said. “The belt of Truth is like buckling or fixing God’s word to me so that it won’t ever come off.”
“Exactly” Grace agrees “It’s like a tool belt where we store all our knowledge of God.”

I thought for a moment, and then said “Wow, this means I need to get to know Jesus really well for myself and there is no better place to start than finding out what the bible says”.

Now that I am older, I can’t rely on Mum or Dad all the time when I need to know the truth, I have to get to know it myself. By having the truth of God wrapped around me, protecting me, I don’t have to be worried about the Dark One and his pack of lies.

From the very beginning of this world, the Dark One has used lies as his best attack weapon but now I have been provided with something that is far more powerful, my own Belt of Truth. By knowing Jesus, I know what is true and this will be my defence when the Dark One or his armed forces try to turn me against the Commander. It sure helps to know the real thing. I need to keep my eyes focused on the Truth of Jesus instead of all the fake stuff the Dark One barrages me with.

“Wow, thanks Grace for helping me figure this out. Hey, it looks like you are ready to take up your position. The Commander said my position is at our school. Where has the Commander sent you?” I ask.

“How cool, the Commander posted me at our school too. We get to work together. ” Grace replied. “I can’t wait to see how the Commander will help us use our Breast Plates of Righteousness. That’s our next armour you know -”

I look at my cousin and smile excitedly- I can’t wait either!

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