Sooty & Snow

By Nikki Rogers

There once were two chickens called, Sooty and Snow, who followed their people wherever they’d go.

They lived in a yard that was lovely and green in a cute hen house that was nice and clean. In their little house was all they could need – fresh water, a nest box and some chicken feed.

The chooks were much loved so as a defence their owners had put a white picket fence. Soot looked through the fence pales wanting to explore. She had all she could need but she just wanted more!

The palings were close but she squeezed her way through! Go shopping! The beach! Oh the things she could do! But before she could fill her hen heart’s desire she was back in her yard and the gaps fixed with wire.

They had ruined her fun but she wasn’t defeated. She scratched and she dug ‘til a hole was completed!

Soot squirmed under the fence and went on her way but her hole was filled up on that very same day.

She couldn’t dig under, she couldn’t squeeze through, flying was the next best thing she would try to do! She couldn’t fly high yet but this chicken was keen so she practiced by jumping on the trampoline.

The day finally came, Sooty went for a fly over the fence to the bright other side! She enjoyed her adventure so the day after that she flew over again wearing her new sunhat.

While Sooty decided to go out and roam Snowy enjoyed all the luxuries of home. Back in the yard Snow enjoyed the arm sun but Sooty thought she was the one having fun!

That was of course until she heard a new sound, and her heart nearly stopped when she turned around!

With a “Woof! Woof! Woof! and a “Bok! Bok! Ba-bok!” black chicken was running, she had quite a shock! She ran this way and that but with all the stress she couldn’t remember how to get through the fence.

The chase was exhausting and she got quite a fright. His mouth full of feathers! Her whole tail in one bite! The children that loved her ran to save the day, they picked up poor Sooty and chased dog away.

Snowy he chook had lived without care, while Sooty returned with her bottom bare. Sooty the chicken had a stroke of good luck, so she laid an egg and had a scratch, peck and cluck.

The people here loved, she was very blessed. Sooty finally realised home was really best!


To see all the beautiful pictures of Sooty & Snow you can buy the book HERE

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