The Mystery Friend Part 1

“I hate school! I’m never going back!” I threw my green and pink polka-dot bag across the floor and stormed into the kitchen where mum was.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Mum wiped her hands on her flowered apron and rushed to my side.

I plonked on the stool and buried my head in my hands, “I have no friends.” I mumbled.

Mum pulled a chair next to me and stroked my hair, “Oh honey, making friends when you’re new is hard.”

“But I’ve been there for one week and non-one sits with me at lunch.” I sniffled and a few tears wet the counter.

“Olivia honey,” mum stopped stroking my hair and held out a tissue. I took it, wiped my face and looked at mum.

“Livie promise me that you’ll try to be brave another week.”

I wriggled my nose and thought for a minute.

“Have you thought of praying for a friend?” Mum said.

I stared at mum, “Praying for a friend?”

“Yes, maybe start asking God. You know, God can hear our prayers. Just give it a try and see what happens.” Mum continued, “And maybe next week you should try talking to someone or joining a group.”

“Oh mum, I wish it was that easy, but it’s not.”

Mum lifted her brow, “One week?”

I sighed and nodded slowly. I guess one more week. Ugh


The bell rang and everyone in 3M rushed to their bags to get lunch. I didn’t rush; I walked slowly to my bag and looked around trying to see who to sit with. Girls were giggling, playing with each other’s hair and talking. No one looked at me. Too scared to join a group I shoved my lunch back in my bag and hurried to the library.

Mrs Stacey the librarian smiled at me, “Hi Olivia, reading at lunch again?”

I nodded and hurried to the shelf where the book I was reading was. I sat near the window and opened it. A note fell out! Strange! I picked it up and read it.

Hi 🙂

I gasped! Someone had put a note in my book. I looked around but there was no one there. Should I reply? I ran to Mrs Stacey and asked her for a pencil. Then I wrote in the note.

Hi! Who are you?

I put the note back in the book and after lunch I placed the book back on the shelf. Would the mystery person reply?

On Tuesday lunch, I ran to the library and went straight to my book. The note was there. My fingers were shaking when I pulled it out.

Hi 🙂 I’m your secret friend. I like your hello kitty pencil case. I hope we can be friends. What’s your favourite colour?

My secret friend? I looked around again but no one was there. Who could it be? Had Jesus send me a friend so fast?

This time I had brought a pencil with me.

My favourite colour is green. What’s yours? Liv

I folded the note in the book and the book on the shelf and went out.

Next morning I was in a hurry, “Quick mum, let’s go!”

“Coming, coming!” Mum rushed out of the house and got in the car.

“What’s the hurry Liv?

“Nothing.” I said. I wanted to get to the school early and check if there was a note before school started.

“You made friends honey?” Mum asked.

I smiled, “Sort of.”

“Great!” Mum grinned and off we went…….



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