Stories for Kids


Bethany’s Speech

By Kimberley Giselle Bethany is an eight-year-old girl, with gorgeous carrot red hair, freckles on her cheeks and hazel brown eyes. One day in her grade 3 class, Mrs Anderson was talking about her family

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Ally, The Miracle Girl

Hey Girls, my name’s Ally. I’m 17 and live in Sydney with my mum Karen and doggy Sean. This is my story of how God saved my life! On July 1, my mum and I

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Jesus was tired! It had been a very long day of healing the sick and doing different kind of miracles. Jesus was thinking that getting away for a little bit would be a great idea.

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By: Nikki Rogers There once was a shepherd with one hundred sheep. Whether on mountains high or in valleys deep the good shepherd watched  and took care of them all. He’d be there to help

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Saved from drowning

The day was beautiful and crisp. Sunny and bright. Fun and exciting. Little butterflies danced in Mae’s and Lorena’s stomach as they headed to the river for a church excursion. The bus was filled with

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Mary’s Big News – Chapter 6

CHAPTER 6  NO ROOM Bethlehem was over crowded! Mary held tight to the donkey with one hand and held her stomach protectively with the other –she was in a lot of pain. People shouted and

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Mary’s Big News – chapter 1

CHAPTER 1: THE BIG NEWS By Mae Esther The roads of Nazareth were dustier than ever. Little fluff of dust made Mary’s feet dirty. She was late! She really wanted to run but couldn’t because

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Sooty & Snow

By Nikki Rogers There once were two chickens called, Sooty and Snow, who followed their people wherever they’d go. They lived in a yard that was lovely and green in a cute hen house that

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By Alicia Lee Long There was once a beautiful young lady who lived a wonderful life with her husband. She had everything she could dream of – a man that loved and honoured God, who

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Author Spotlight

What inspired you to start writing? I originally started writing children’s stories with values that I wanted to instill in my own children. My first book, A Beautiful Girl, was inspired by my daughter who at

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