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Copy of Mei's jam dilemma part 4

Mei and Ginger part 4

That night, after her daddy tucked her into bed, Mei tried to fall asleep. But sleep didn’t come. She twisted and turned, wriggled and squirmed, and that funny feeling in her stomach was only getting

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Mei's jam dilemma part 3

Mei and Ginger part 3

“I’ll ask you again, Meiling. What have you done?” Her mother’s sharp tone brought Mei back to reality.  She was pointing to the evidence on Mei’s dress – the jam that Mei had been secretly

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Mei's jam dilemma part 1 (1)

Mei and Ginger part 2

Mei froze. Her mum wasn’t supposed to be home for another half an hour. Oh no! Panic took over and she quickly hid the jar behind the sack of flour, next to the empty jar

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Mei's jam dilemma part 1

Mei and Ginger part 1

 Meiling Jade Carter is 8 ½ years old. She has black hair, almond eyes and a cheeky smile. She loves Ginger her fluffy-fat cat and gooey raspberry jam. But, the sweet delicious jam will

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Author Spotlight

Today you get to meet Amy Sullivan – she’s the author of the picture book series GUTSY GIRLS: Strong Christian Women Who Impacted the World. What inspired you to start writing? As a child, my

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