Stories for Kids


Honey Bees

By Hayley Lambe Ingredients – Bee mixture 1/2 cup crushed Rice Bubbles1/2 cup desiccated coconut4 dried apricots chopped finely2 heaped tablespoons smooth peanut butter1 tablespoon honey To decorate1 heaped tablespoon dark chocolate chips meltedflaked almonds

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Stompy goes to the City

By Martha Hughes Do you remember Stompy the little elephant? Well, her story hasn’t finished yet – Let me tell you about Stompy’s next adventure.                    ____________________________________________________ Deep, deep in the Congo Rainforest of Africa

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The Alpaca Farm

Written by: Melissa McKay & Mae Esther Sienna looked out the window and grinned. There it was! Finally after all these months of waiting she was going to visit Jarravale Alpaca and Miniature farm in

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Jesus Feeds The 5000

Written by Rosie Smith Jonathan’s eyes sprang open. “Today’s the day!” He thought to himself. “Today I get to see Jesus in real life!”  He rolled up his sleeping mat and hurriedly put on his

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The Emu In The Sky

By Shanelle Fiaalii Illustrated by Sophia Fiaalii “Oh Mum, do I have to go?” whined Allira. “It’s going to be so boring!” “Yes you do! You’re not going to spend your whole school holidays at

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The Lost Sheep

DAY 16 QUESTIONS: Have you ever touched the fleece or the wool of a sheep? Isn’t is so soft and fluffy? Today I have a few interesting facts about sheep. Let’s see if you already

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Diego and the Rattlesnake

By Mae Esther The heavy fog of the early morning lifted slowly and finally Diego was able to see the road. “Look papa, the fog is lifting!” He pointed excitedly as they neared the coffee

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GIGI Kids Mail

This fantastic colourful picture was sent in by Micah from Melbourne This beautiful drawing of Mary’s Big News cover was done by Renae This is a beautiful picture from Renae in Melbourne Australia

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Noah and the Ark

By Rosie Smith This is a true story about a relative of yours. Your great great great grandfather, with too many great’s before it to number. A long time ago, when rain never fell, and

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Jesus in the Wilderness

By Maes Esther QUESTIONS: Have you ever been camping without food or water? Can you imagine feeling so, so hungry that you would be tempted to eat the stones, the dirt and even the barks

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